De-energized hostel in Irkutsk, whose residents appealed for help to the Russian President, writing on the roof “SOS, Putin, help”, again connected to the power grid. It is reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to the Manager RES “Baikal”.

According to her, the dormitory of the former military camp was cut off electricity for the debts. “First, we from the headquarters of the organization in Chita received the order to detach them from the grid, but now said that there is an order of the Deputy Minister again to give them electricity. So plug them in now,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to the newspaper “Baikal Siberia”, the warning about disconnecting electricity for 20 days residents were issued on 3 September. On the morning of 3 October it became known that the tenants of the building, disconnected from heat and light, wrote on the roof “SOS, Putin, help”.

It is reported that in such a situation, residents of a hostel was not for the first time. The fact that the building belongs to the former Irkutsk higher military aviation engineering school, which in 2009 ceased to exist. After that, the land and buildings transferred to the Ministry of defense. The building of the hostel related to the emergency and instructed to put the balance of the Irkutsk region. However, due to interagency disagreements that still was not done.

In the fall of 2015 it turned out that the authorities have started repairs in the buildings of the former school, but soon the work stopped and the building was left to winter without a roof. In early December, the Chairman of the regional government Viktor Kondrashov said that the region gave 53 the object of the school, but the ground beneath them still belongs to the Ministry of defence that stops the construction process.

“The defense Ministry doesn’t hand us neither the building nor the land, so we can’t do anything (…) Gulnazar also unable to influence them, it turns out, they belong here. The situation is hopeless,” – said IA “Billpost” employee of the government of the Irkutsk region.

However, since the hostel is not related to Oboronenergo, the company has several times stopped the flow of the building’s electricity. The company explained that they have no contract with tenants.

Every time the authorities managed to negotiate with the military and the electricity supply resumed. This time, however, residents said that the authorities are adjusted resolutely.

October 3 in the dormitory there came the Commission from the administration of Irkutsk. Officials toured the building, spoke with residents, reports the Internet portal “OTR”.

“Tomorrow we are in the presence will conduct another workshop with the participation of prosecutors, including the military, invite “Oboronenergo” in order to make the weighed decision”, – told reporters the Deputy mayor of Irkutsk Evgenie Drokov.

Inscription “SOS” Putin, help” worked: residents de-energized hostel in Irkutsk returned light and heat 04.10.2016

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