A former Colonel in the foreign intelligence service of the Russian Federation Alexander Pot, fled to the United States in absentia and convicted of treason, died, reported “Interfax” informed sources. One of interlocutors of Agency didn’t exclude the deliberate spread of misinformation about the death of a Russian citizen accused of the results of the group of Russian spies to the US authorities.

According to one source, the Pot could have died in the U.S., this information is checked. Another source of “Interfax” has confirmed this information, but did not rule out that “it may be disinformation, intended to be a traitor just forgot”.

In the foreign intelligence Service of the Russian Federation does not comment on the death of the former Colonel of the Russian intelligence Poteeva. “We have these reports do not comment,” – said to “Interfax” the head a press-Bureau SVR Sergey Ivanov.

As a result of infidelity of former Colonel SVR in 2010, was disclosed abroad a group of Russian scouts-illegal immigrants, including Anna Chapman, who became famous later because of its attractive appearance. While initially, the media and the Russian government reported that the failure of the spies resulted in the betrayal of the intelligence officer, whose name was not formally named.

Poteyev’s name appeared in the media after the spy scandal in the United States. In mid-November 2010 several sources in different departments on condition of anonymity, saidthat a group of Russian illegals in the United States “surrendered” to the Americans is the former head of the us Department of “C” (illegal intelligence) of the SVR.

In addition, sources reported that the Pot had fled from Russia to the US for a few days before the June visit to Washington was then President Dmitry Medvedev. It was also noted that a few days before the flight of former Colonel of the SVR under various pretexts in the United States went first his daughter and then a son.

In June 2011, the Moscow district military court (MOVS) in absentia sentenced Poteeva to 25 years in prison. The former SVR Colonel was convicted of treason under article 275 and desertion according to article 338 of the criminal code. The defendant was deprived of his military rank and state awards. Knives Pot had to pay the state a fine in the amount of their annual earnings.

As the ex-Colonel in the RAF before the arrest of Russian spies fled from Russia in the USA and since then has not appeared at home, his case was heard in absentia and behind closed doors in connection with secrecy to disclose information.

The court found that the actions of Poteeva has caused considerable damage to Russian intelligence. So, US intelligence became known funding mechanism agents abroad, as well as communication channels. Pot intentionally, to the detriment of Russian security in order to evade military service, given to an unidentified representatives of the CIA secret information about the network of Russian spies than Russia caused damage to intelligence activities, said in the text of the sentence. Security sources said that the ex-Colonel of the Russian Federation caused damage of approximately $ 50 million.

In December 2010, during the traditional straight line with Vladimir Putin, former Prime Minister, called Poteyev a “cattle”, “pig” and “traitor”. The politician did not name the culprit in the failure of the Russian spy network in the United States.

In the United States June 27, 2010 and charged with the execution “deeply
of secret assignments” was arrested ten people. The arrested were Richard and Cynthia Murphy (Vladimir and Lydia Guriev), Vicky Pelaez and Juan Lazaro (Mikhail Vasenkov), Anna Chapman, Michael Zottoli and Patricia mills (Michael Kutsik and Natalia Pereverzeva), Mikhail Semenko, Donald Howard Hatfield and Tracey Lee Ann Foley (Andrey Bezrukov and Elena Vavilova).

After some time, the Russian foreign Ministry has acknowledged that the detainees – citizens of the Russian Federation. In
early July Russia and the US were exchanged for four Russianscondemned for espionage and pardoned by the President on ten Russian citizens detained in the United States.

Alexander Pot – son personnel serviceman Nikolay Poteeva, received in 1944 the title of Hero of the Soviet Union for the destruction of nine fascist tanks, reminds “Kommersant”. At the time, the former Colonel of the SVR distinguished himself in the war in Afghanistan, received the order of the red banner and several medals for actions in the composition of the special groups of the KGB “Cascade” and “Zenith”.

All further Poteeva service in the KGB was connected with the First main Directorate (PGU) of the KGB, engaged in foreign intelligence, then the RAF, where he rose to Deputy chief of Department of management “With” responsible for the scouts, illegal immigrants in the United States.

“Interfax” fled to the United States and convicted in absentia for treason, Alexander Pot is dead 07.07.2016

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