City court of Yoshkar-Ola in its decision of 17 November ordered the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia to pay two million rubles to relatives of Maxim Edykova that in 2014, died after the examination of sparring in employment in the national riot police, reports the Committee for the prevention of torture (CPT). Note that this is not the first such case.

After the entry of verdict into legal force the lawyer of the NGO, representing the interests of father Maxim Andicola, will appeal the termination of criminal proceedings upon the death of his son.

December 15, 2014 CPT for legal assistance to the residents of Yoshkar-Ola Anatoly and Rimma Edykova. As reported by spouses, in September of the same year, their 19-year-old son Maxim has decided to get a job at riot police of the MIA for the Republic of Mari El. Having passed a medical examination with a doctors “fit for service in the Riot police”, on 9 October he arrived in the unit of special ops for the exam for physical training.

On the same day, about 16 hours Jazykova parents got a call from an unknown number and said that in the exam, their son became ill, called an ambulance, but “nothing happened”. And soon by Jazykovym called again and said that their son is in the hospital of Yoshkar-Ola in a coma. Arrived to the clinic parents, doctors immediately said that the case is very heavy and at the moment surgery performed.

Later in the day on the street near the hospital to Anatoly and Rimma by Jazykovym approached by three men. One of them was presented by the battalion commander, Mari and Riot said that Maxim during the exam for physical training involved sparring with the soldiers of his division.

The next morning Adikavi learned that their son had died in hospital without regaining consciousness. Later, forensic examination found that the young man’s death came “from a severe brain contusion with compression of his left subdural hematoma resulting from a closed head brain injury”. According to the expert, these injuries arose from “the fourfold impacts blunt object”.

A video examination of the battle of Maxim Edykova human rights activists have posted on YouTube.


11 Oct 2014 the parents of the deceased appealed to the investigative Department of Yoshkar-Ola regional Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Within eight months, the IC conducted inspections, the results of which four took out the decision about refusal in excitation of criminal case. In the end, 22 June 2015 it is still made under part 1 of article 109 (“Causing death by negligence”) the criminal code of the Russian Federation.

However, on February 22, 2016, the investigator made a ruling on termination of proceedings in connection with absence of event of a crime. “In the present case there is a criminal incident in the form of innocent of harm,” considered the investigator.

However, he has brought representation to the commander of the Republican OMON, proposing “to consider the question of making the rules for the testing of moral-volitional qualities of candidates for service in the riot of the mandatory presence of a medical worker with the highest postgraduate education and validation of the medical professional General health of the candidate, his blood pressure at all stages of testing, i.e. immediately before the vote, in between rounds and immediately after its end.”

Also, the investigator proposed to consider the question of the accountability of Deputy commander of the regional Riot police, have not accepted sufficient measures for the proper organization and conduct of the testing of recruits.

Parents and brother Maxim Edykova addressed in Yoshkar-Ola city court against the Republican and Federal Ministry of the interior for compensation for moral damages for his death. At the trial the representative of the Ministry of interior, asking the court to reject the claim, appended to the case file the minutes of the workshop held in connection with the submission of the investigator closed criminal case about the death of a failed policeman. From the Protocol followed that to disciplinary action for this case anyone not involved.

The representative of the city Prosecutor’s office in court supported the plaintiffs and asked to meet their requirements. Ultimately, the court decided to partially satisfy the claim and ordered the interior Ministry to pay the plaintiffs compensation in the total amount of two million rubles, according to CPT.

“In badminton, whether that play?

A similar story happened in Nizhny Tagil in 2010, where a candidate for a job in the special forces of the interior Ministry, 27-year-old Artyom Borisov, has died in hospital after examination of the battle, which was a continual sparring with the ever-changing opponents. Doctors two days fought for his life, but to no avail: as I said, the doctors, the left hemisphere of the brain Borisov actually turned into mincemeat.

In 2009 in the Suburban Shchelkovo police officer Victor Kizenkov died in the intensive care unit after hand-to-hand fight seven fighters of OMON as a result received closed cherepno-a brain trauma.

Another resonant case occurred in Cherepovets in 2002, where during the “test” for admission to the local riot police “old men” beat a young rookie Sergey Smirnov. They died in resuscitation, without regaining consciousness. The examination found that within nine minutes the guy made 50 blows to the head and still the same kicks to the body.

“In badminton, whether that play? – said in this regard, the acting commander of OMON Cherepovets Stepan Novozhenin. – We can’t afford for a service person weak mentally and physically. What if tomorrow in Chechnya?.

Interior Ministry ordered to pay 2 million rubles to the parents of yescarolina, who died after an exam in the Riot 18.11.2016

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