The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in connection with the death of Fidel Castro instigated a wave of parodies in social networks. He said Castro is an outstanding leader, noting his achievements in various fields, while the majority of politicians and the media of North America referred to Castro as an oppressor and tyrant, trampling the rights of man and plunged his country into poverty. Position Trudeau has spawned a number of analogies: wits quickly found the “positive” achievements of Jack the Ripper, Osama bin Laden and Vlad the Impaler.

Trudeau, in his speech said that his father was very proud to call Fidel Castro as “his friend” and added that he had the opportunity to meet with the commander before he died. “Being a controversial figure, Castro has been recognized and the supporters and opponents who saw his tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people, but also of deep and lasting affection of Cubans to the Comandante”, – quotes the canadian Prime Minister, “Interfax”.

After warm words of Fidel on Trudeau struck a wave of criticism in social networks, and many users began to share their own memories about the conflicting personalities these messages are usually accompanied by the hashtag #trudeaueulogies.

Among the most popular mention of the merits of terrorist Osama bin Laden, murderer of Jack the Ripper, the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, and also of Fidel Castro, who “loved nature and fed the sharks between Cuba and Miami.”

“Osama bin Laden is certainly a controversial figure, but his contribution to the development of aviation security unprecedented.”

Osama Bin Laden was certainly a controversial figure, but his contribution to airport security is unparalleled. #TrudeauEulogies

Internet exercising wit, parodying condolences to Fidel 27.11.2016

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