Interpol recorded a growth in the number of match-fixing in favour of organized crime, and this trend will continue. On this forum “Russia – country of sports”, said the expert organization Tina Haizao Yu.

“For match-fixing is always organized crime, it is difficult to find and prosecute people who are behind this. They are helped by the absence of the normal regulatory framework: the police services have limited possibilities” – quoted expert “Interfax”.

According to her, this has resulted in the globalization of the world of sport and betting. If the event takes place in Europe, criminals can be in Malaysia.

It is expected that the activity of the bookmakers, the main activities which are sports betting, in the next three years will grow by a third. While match-fixing is extremely attractive to organized crime because they help to launder the proceeds of crime, with a low risk of being caught.

“It’s easier than to sell drugs. And safer. The risk is very low got the drug dealer runs the risk of lengthy imprisonment and possible death in prison, then as an organizer of match-fixing, even if its fault is proved, it will cost a fine or two years imprisonment” – said Yu. Haizao

The expert of Interpol said that law enforcement agencies do not know the actual number of match-fixing, as the information about them comes mostly from the media. In 2015, 53, have said that match-fixing in their territories, but in reality, the geography of crime is much larger.

Interpol recorded a growth in the number of match-fixing around the world 10.10.2016

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