The speech of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the annual press conference following the Russian press rate and foreign journalists. The “strong statements” Putin, the West has seen pretty weak Russia, as the review InoPressa. Western experts told, what methods Putin uses to cover up disadvantageous facts.

Edition of The Wall Street Journal evaluates Putin’s words about the economic situation in Russia: the President believes that “the worst times of the economic crisis in the country has passed”, promises soon – in 2016 – growth of the economy. “Putin took special care to reassure the Russians to reduce their standard of living,” the newspaper said, noting that real steps – for example, raise the retirement age or sell shares in state-owned corporations – he refused to do.

“Data released Thursday, the authors write articles – show a decline of retail turnover in Russia coupled with a decline in investment and suggest that the recession will continue”. “The population carries the damage from double-digit inflation and the falling rouble. The survey showed that the proportion of Russians who claim that they save on foods rose to 58% in November compared to 37% in December of last year,” the article says. According to Dmitry Polevoy, ING chief economist in Moscow, “a relatively upbeat tone” of Putin’s statements about the economy “is in striking contrast to the real data”.

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The attitude to Putin’s foreign policy drew the attention of Bloomberg View. The President of Russia divides the world into friends and enemies, and in this time has demonstrated this vision of the world is particularly clear, said the commentator Leonid bershidskiy. According to the journalist, an important element of Putin’s personal code of loyalty to those who are faithful to him. Among the latter – “the Seagull, Kadyrov, Rotenberg”. Meanwhile, the enemies of the “allowed target to attack”, and can talk about them even far-fetched rumors. Remaining indifferent to the Russian President he “without the slightest remorse misinformed”.

In this respect, according to the bershidskiy, lies the weakness of Putin: “Loyalty to friends is forcing him to save the corrupt system… and his exorbitant hatred towards his enemies and will continue to provoke economic problems”, – concludes the journalist.

Journalists The Christian Science Monitor believe that Putin wanted to show: he “keeps under control the entire spectrum of Russia is now facing problems.”

According to experts, the opinion which leads to the publication, Putin coped with the task well, although he had “openly defend”. However, answers to critical questions were dim: “we do not consider it” or “we’ll think about it”.

In the French newspaper Liberation decided press conference Putin “boring”. One of the nontrivial points are that the President did not attack the USA – this time, instead appeared anti-American anti-Turkish rhetoric. And spoke about the actions of Ankara Putin, using his “favorite expressions”: hinted that “someone in the Turkish government decided to lick the Americans.”

In German Die Welt believe that Putin’s words is not accidental: it says exactly what you want to hear the voters. “He acts accordingly, forgetting that the strong power is quiet – only the rumble of the weak”.

According to the journalist Jacques Schuster, Putin stakes on foreign policy. And it is consistent with “the tactics of autocrats: impoverished people need to intoxicate intoxicating victories.” But victories in the foreign policy of the Russian Federation: “in Europe, Russia was isolated, Washington did not take it seriously, Ukraine due to the behavior of Moscow became the enemy of Russia for many years,” and in Syria can “to drown, but without achieving success”.

“Russia is weak, but this weakness is frightening, because it might push Russians to desperation,” writes Schuster. The author urges the West “to be ready for anything, not to be intimidated and to keep open all the doors so any time it was possible to resume negotiations”.

“Intoxicate intoxicating victories”: the Western media explained why Putin is betting on foreign policy 18.12.2015

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