Against businessman Aram Petrosyan, captured in late August, one of the capital branches of “Citibank”, one more criminal case – under article “Terrorism” (article 205 of the criminal code), reports “Interfax” with reference to his lawyer Stanislav Maltsev.

“The charge he was not charged, we have not yet seen the document,” – said the defender. He added that the arrest of his client at the court extended until February 24, 2017.

After the incident at the Bank Petrosyan was charged with part 2 of article 206 (“hostage-taking involving two or more persons with the use of the object as a weapon”) the criminal code of the Russian Federation. On interrogation he admitted his guilt.

In this case the bankrupt businessman insists that he was not going to harm the hostages, but only wanted to draw attention to the problem. “I wanted my video to YouTube showed on Federal channels, he said at the hearing in late August. – I want to deliver the project to our President. I even wore the clothes of Santa Claus, to penetrate this impenetrable wall”.

On the eve of the seizure of the Bank 55-year-old Petrosyan was posted on YouTube a video in which he warned that he would go to the “resonant violation of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation,” and demanded “to recognize at the state level, the bankruptcy of physical and legal persons disease” and to create a new institution which would deal with the problem of bankruptcy.

On the evening of 24 August Petrosyan came into office of “Citibank” on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street in downtown Moscow, which at the time were four men. It was reported that in his hand was a box, which he then put it around my neck and announced that being in the room people are its hostages. It was also reported that the visitor threatened to arrange explosion.

In the end, however, the invader has released all hostages and surrendered to the police. “Infernal machine” was a fake. No one was hurt. A later forensic examination found Petrosian sane.

In the situation around Petrosyan, promised to investigate the Commissioner of the Russian President for human entrepreneurs Boris Titov, noting that this is not an isolated case: “Today a very large number of entrepreneurs are caught between a rock and a hard place”.

Invader branch of “Citibank” in Moscow have added an article about terrorism 22.11.2016

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