Investigative Committee completed the investigation into the nanny from Uzbekistan Gulchehra of Babakulovaaccused of murdering four-year old girl, with a head which it is about an hour went near the Moscow metro station “October Field.” The Ministry said that on the basis of the results of a comprehensive inpatient psychological and psychiatric examination of a woman suffering from a chronic mental disorder.

“The consequence collected sufficient evidentiary base in this connection criminal case is directed for the solution of the question of approval of the decision on application of compulsory medical measures in respect of Bobokulov and the subsequent transfer to court for consideration in essence”, – said the Agency.

In July of this year, the translator accused Akhmed Akhmedov confirmed that Bobokulov insane. In may the doctors said that Bobokulov responsible for their actions, not in full measure, and the crime she committed in a deranged state. Then it was reported that Bobokulov not subject to criminal prosecution and the investigation will specify in the indictment the need for the application to it of forced measures of medical character.

The Investigative Committee prior to this reported that Babakulova could be the instigators. Journalists wrote that it could be her former boyfriend, who “treated her ideas of Islamic extremism.” Earlier investigation has also announced its intention to examine the correspondence of Babakulova in social networks “Classmates”, component 500 sheets.

Resonant murder has occurred in the capital on February 29. According to investigators, Bobokulov, who worked as a nanny in the family of immigrants from the Orel region, strangled four-year-old girl and beheaded her, then set fire to the apartment, and then spent almost an hour walking in the street near the metro station “Oktyabrskoe pole” with a severed child’s head in his hands. She shouted “Allahu Akbar” and threatened to blow himself up. In the end, the police officers it was detained. Later, she was charged under part 2 of article 105 (“Murder of a minor) of the criminal code, part 2 of article 167 (“Deliberate destruction of another’s property by an arson”) and part 1 of article 207 (“Obviously untrue report on explosion”).

The investigation Bobokulov said that to kill the girl she “ordered by Allah” and that it was revenge for the Russian bombing in Syria. Later she was transferred to a psychiatric hospital at the SIZO “Butyrka”, where she told her visiting a human rights activist and journalist of “MK” that to cut off the child’s head suggested to her video, which was captured penalty through decapitation. Presumably, this could be one of many videos of militants of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” (ISIS, DAISH).

Investigative Committee completed the investigation of a nanny from Uzbekistan, decapitated in Moscow, four-year-old girl 28.09.2016

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