In investigators studied photos and video materials, posted on the Internet, in which two local Schoolgirls allegedly bullying a kitten. The Investigative Committee came to the conclusion that pictures of bloodied animal are production shots, and the girls themselves – knockoffs two zhivoderok, famous because of his sadistic “deeds”.

“31 October 2016, two girls (12 and 13) looked in the Internet photos and videos of animal abuse committed by the two 17-year-old resident of Khabarovsk. The girls decided to repeat what he saw, but no real animal abuse. They took the kitten, who lived in one of them, and came to an abandoned building”, – stated in the message of SK.

The investigators explained that Schoolgirls then started to imitate the animal abuse seen on the Internet. While they photographed and took video. Girls smeared kitten paint the stomach, all thought that it was blood. They also took pictures of the knife next to the kitten, and faked the scene where they allegedly pressured the animal foot, although not really stepped on it, and so on.

“Investigators interviewed both children, they reported that did not torture the kitten, but only imitated two 17-year-old figurantok criminal case. 13-year-old girl reported that has posted photos and videos to the web with the aim of attracting the attention that has been lacking in my life. Currently, the kitten continues to live with one of the girls that he’s healthy. The girls promised that more will never do anything like that,” he added in SC.

Recently it was reported about other knockoffs “Khabarovsk zhivoderok”. Media wrotethat the sixth grader over there local school 14 and 15 years, in an effort to achieve popularity, began to swear, writing provocative lyrics, and post photos on the Internet, in which they mock the Pets.

According to the social teacher of school N44, the grader, which was raided by infamous, had fun with my girlfriend, celebrating Halloween. They smeared paint kitten soiled themselves, but the animal no one tortured and not tortured. “Of course, they wanted the fame and PR. We explained that attention need to be draw differently. By participating in the contests. Girls are crying and very remorseful that he did it”, – explained in school.

Previously, two 17-year-old habarovchanin in the framework of the criminal case charged with animal cruelty (part 2 of article 245 of the criminal code). Victims girls were at least 15 cats, dogs and birds. Later on the girls filed a number of criminal cases under articles “the Robbery” (part 2 of article 162 of the criminal code), “Insult of religious feelings of believers” (part 1 of article 148 of the criminal code), “inciting hatred or enmity” (part 1 of article 282 of the criminal code). For assault they have been charged. Media called the names of the suspects – Alina Orlova and Aliona Savchenko. According to the decision of Industrial district court of Khabarovsk girls were arrested: one before January 1, and the other until 7 January 2017.

Investigators found no evidence of bullying knockoffs “Khabarovsk zhivoderok” on kitten 01.12.2016

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