In the Rostov region, the Investigative Committee has charged the Chairman of the precinct election Commission N1958 Proletarian district of Rostov-on-don, Secretary and one member of the Commission suspected of ballot rigging and stuffing of ballots, the official website of the Department.

“In accordance with the distributed roles of the Secretary of the precinct election Commission pre-made stuffing rigged ballots in ballot boxes in amount of not less than 50 pieces. The Chairman of the Commission together with one of the members of the electoral Commission, fulfilling their role in the crime, closed the time of stuffing of ballot papers from voters, observers and other members of the Commission who were in the room for the vote,” – said in the UK.

The investigators note that “as a result of criminal actions of the accused thrown into the ballot boxes uncounted ballot papers actually issued to voters for voting in the manner prescribed by law, at the final counting of votes had been illegally included in the total number of ballots used when voting”.

In the end, this resulted in a deliberately wrong counting of votes of voters “with false (not corresponding to the valid results of voting) drawing up a Protocol on voting results, obviously wrong establishment of voting results and determining election results”, – concluded the Agency.

A suspect accused of committing a crime under article 142.1 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Falsification of voting results”), the measure of restraint in the form of subscriptions on parole and good behavior. According to investigators, the investigation of the crimes continues.

September 21, the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova at the meeting the Commission announced that the results of the elections to the Duma were abolished in nine polling stations in Adygea, Dagestan, Mordovia Republic in St. Petersburg, as well as in the Belgorod, Nizhny Novgorod and Rostov regions, as it is at the site N1958.

Two days before it became known that the Secretary of the precinct election Commission of the Proletarsky district of Rostov-on-don in respect of which criminal proceedings were instituted under article “Falsification of results of voting, was taken to hospital after fainting. “The suspect has not been questioned since at the moment is in the hospital, where she was taken after fainting,” he told reporters in law enforcement. The cause of syncope was not specified, but, according to media reports, the suspect lost consciousness during the counting of votes at polling station, where there was ballot stuffing.

Earlier, the Chairman of the electoral Commission of Rostov region Sergey Yusov told reporters that polling station N1958 was foiled an attempt of fraud and results in this area are considered invalid. According to him, the camera recorded as one of the people on the site, people thrown a few sheets in both ballot boxes. He added that, most likely, will apply to personnel decisions concerning members of the precinct election Commission, which “sabotaged the counting of votes in elections, and strongly delayed the beginning of the counting”.

18 September on YouTube was posted record, carved from the online broadcast of the voting at the site N1958, which can be seen as a woman approached the ballot box and began to throw into it a large number of papers. Two women and a young man – presumably the members of the electoral Commission – stood next to the urn so that those who came to the polls, citizens and observers could not see the woman, throwing in lists for voting.

In another video, in particular, published in the microblogging service Twitter, you can see how on the same plot, the same woman makes stuffing, but in the other urn, standing next to the where you have already made the first stuffing. In the second video, members of the Commission, but not three, as in the first video, and two cover the violators of the electoral process. Both records also shows that once the stuffing was made, the woman quietly removed “from the frame.

Investigators have charged the members of the electoral Commission of Rostov, a suspect in the ballot stuffing 27.09.2016

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