Investigators CSO GU MVD in Moscow after an additional poll released the leader of the French group Space, Didier Marouani and lawyer Igor Trunov, allowing Marouani to leave Russia, told RBC lawyer musician Lyudmila Aivar.

“Capital investigators after six hours of conversation are not charged the leader of the French group Space, Didier Marouani and his lawyer, Igor Trunov,” said Ivar.

TASS, it said that Mariani returned previously seized the phone from him, and he will soon return to France. “At the same time. the mobile is not given, as the seized documents,” said Ivar.

The lawyer said that the investigators were interested in issues of authorship of songs of Marouani and why the musician has addressed to lawyer Igor Trunov. “It seems that investigators are trying to determine whether the song “Cruel love” plagiarism or not. Today, all the questions were aimed at establishing the authorship of the disputed songs. Find out when Marouani wrote the song, why the song examination conducted in Moscow and in France,” she said.

Ivar suggested that the preliminary examination at the request of the singer Philip Kirkorov is likely to be extended because of the desire of investigators to refute the established experts the fact of plagiarism.

The evening of 29 November Trunov and Marouani was detained in the “savings Bank” in the center of Moscow, where they came to sign a settlement agreement with Kirkorov, who allegedly agreed to pay 1 million euros Marouani for the misuse of his music. In the course of the settlement agreement it was assumed that the money will be deposited Kirkorov in the Bank, then will be transferred to the account Marouani. Passing only 100 thousand, the man ran from the Bank, but instead was dozens of law enforcement officers. Trunova and Marouani was taken to the Moscow Directorate of the interior Ministry.

Investigators returned Marouani phone and was allowed to leave Russia 02.12.2016

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