Investors “International Development Bank”, which caused problems, rushed EN masse to withdraw their deposits. In this regard, the lenders have introduced the system of appointments to the return of deposits to customers. On the first day of the current working week can be written on 10 December, informs a portal “”.

Last week it became known that this Bank has been disconnected from system of electronic Bank payments (BESP). “We accepted payments and process them manually”, the Bank said on November 28.

As of 1 November, the Bank attracted deposits of more than 388 million rubles, growth from the beginning of the year made up 63.79%. Simultaneously during this period, a 30.6% increase in the number of loans granted to companies, on November 1, amounted to two billion and RUB 14 million

The Bank is the participant of system of insurance of deposits in case of revocation of the banking license and the occurrence of the insured event, its investors and individual entrepreneurs can count on getting their money from deposits and accounts through agent banks in the amount of 1.4 million rubles, notes the website of”news banks”.

Investors “International Development Bank” rushed to withdraw their deposits, but to quickly return the money will come 29.11.2016

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