Journalist and former presenter of the Sunday program “Time” Irada
Zeynalov went with “the First channel” NTV, confirmed in
the press service of NTV. In his new position she will lead the final
the program, which will air after the New year, the source said

“We confirm that the Irada Zeynalova moved on to NTV,” – said in
the press service of NTV , RIA “Novosti”,
responding to a question, but the details promised
to tell later. The Source Of “Komsomolskaya
in the media market reported that Zeynalov will lead to
NTV the final program, which will air after the New year.

This confirmed the source of RBC, according to which “the First channel”
agreed to let her go, after Zeynalov expressed his
wishes for career development which, because of different
circumstances, the channel could not realize.

NTV is the third Federal channel in the career of a journalist. Started
Irada Zeynalova on RTR (now Russia 1), where he worked from 1997 until
2003, then moved to the First channel (2003-2016). She was
editor, news reporter, headed the office of the First
channel in the UK and Israel.

From 2012 to July 2016 Zeynalov led the final program
“Sunday times” on “the First channel”. The latest issue of her participation
aired July 10, 2016. After that, the transfer went under
the name “Time”, and its leading changed. 4 Sep aired
the first edition of the program with the CEO of the holding “Expert” Valery
Fadeev as a regular host. As reported, one of the
the main reasons for the replacement of the lead was
in the fierce competition with the “Vesti Nedeli” (comes out on Sundays
the channel “Russia 1″) Dmitry Kiselyov.

Unlike Kiselyov, distinguished
a dozen propaganda forgeries and inaccuracies in the “news of the week,” Zeynalov
famous for one of the fake story, which has become famous. In 2014
she gave the air of “crucified
the boy”
– a public execution of the child in Slavyansk. The story
refugee from Slovyansk, which messed up the name of the Central square
of the city and it is inhabited by the miners, was about the horrors perpetrated
included in the city’s security forces, but no verification
was not charged and, subsequently, Zeynalov confessed,
“journalists have not been and there is no evidence of this tragedy.”

Irada Zeynalova went with “the First channel” NTV 02.11.2016

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