The Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi ordered the attack on Mosul. According to him, in the operation, in addition to the Iraqi army, will be attended by representatives of the police and the national guard. Al-Abadi expressed confidence that the fighting will end with the liberation of the city from insurgents “Islamic state” (IG, banned terrorist group).

The Prime Minister during the televised address he also urged the residents of Mosul to cooperate with the army and to prepare for the liberation, reports “Interfax”.

“Soon we’ll celebrate together the complete eradication of ISIS in the country. The militants will have to answer for their terrible crimes. Soon will come the day when there will be no extremist: in any city or village,” said al-Abadi.

According to preliminary data, the number of units involved in the operation, more than 60 thousand people. Support of the air force of the international coalition led by the United States government aircraft and artillery.

Special envoy of the President of the United States in the coalition against ISIS Brett Mcguirk welcomed the start of the offensive and expressed their support to Iraq. “Al-Abadi ordered the liberation of Mosul from the darkness, two years hanging over the city. God help the heroes in the Iraqi armed forces, Shiite militias, Kurdish “Peshmerga”. We are proud to be with you in this historic operation,” Reuters quoted him as saying.

A few hours earlier, al-Abadi said that Iraqi forces have begun to fight with ISIS in the outskirts of Baghdad and Mosul. “The decisive battle will start soon,” he said. Before the attack in the suburbs of Mosul, leaflets, in which local residents were encouraged not to panic and close the Windows and doors.

Iraq announced the start of operations to liberate Mosul 17.10.2016

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