Authentic Irish Republican army (PIRA) included in the lists of terrorist organisations in the UK and USA, took responsibility for the shooting on the streets of Northern Ireland.

The night before, October 20, the man died from a gunshot wound received at the corner of Glenwood drive in Belfast, writes The Guardian. The doctors were unable to save his life.

In the night on Sunday at the same place was shot another man six times he was shot in the leg. In his statement of the FEAST takes responsibility for this murder, as the extremists claim that they tried to kill in the area of another dealer of heroin.

The representative of the Social democratic party in the Northern Ireland Assembly, Alex Atwood in comments to the press called the attacks “savage”. “This is a very small group of people who are unable to represent the local community, but trying to replace the law. The best we can do is to provide information to law enforcement and to ensure that these people were caught, arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” he said.

Authentic Irish Republican army fighting for the unification of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is the administrative part of the UK. PIRA was formed in 1997 after the split of the Provisional IRA. Members of the group believe the good Friday agreement of 1998, a crime against the sovereignty of Ireland and call for its denunciation, the withdrawal of British troops and the reunification of Ireland.

Irish extremists shot dead a man in Belfast and announced the hunt for drug dealers 21.10.2016

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