The Deputy of the Duma of Shelekhov district of the Irkutsk region Anastasia Chaff expelled from the “United Russia”, considering the discredit of the party, the emergence of online video, which she does exercises for weight loss at the workplace.

“The local political Council has decided to exclude from the ranks of the party Director MUP “Household and funeral services” Anastasia Chaff and direct to the Duma of Shelekhov district application about addition from it powers of the Chairman of the faction “United Russia”. The reason for this decision was a video posted on a social network”, – stated in the message on the website of the Irkutsk branch of the party in power.

“For us, the behavior Anastasia Chaff in the workplace, which violates all generally accepted moral standards, was an unpleasant surprise. It is simply unacceptable. I believe that the local political Council made the right decision, which expresses the opinion of all party members”, – said the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Department Svetlana Bragina.

The scandal erupted after MP posted in Instagram a video in which she performs the exercise “Goryeo” (sit-UPS) in the workplace – against the backdrop of coffins and gravestones. So she said to participate in the fitness project “#besenyos”.

“I participate in the program to reduce weight. We need to carry out every day exercises and post video verification. I did an exercise called “Goryeo”, during the lunch break on the workplace. Not very understand the technology, so didn’t think this video will be available to the General public. Now I do not know what to do, I could get fired” she said in a conversation with Life.

Account girl in the social network was deleted, but it didn’t help to prevent the threat of dismissal. The mayor of Shelekhov said that the Chaff is fired.

“In life different situations happen. I can’t evaluate the motives that made the Director of the municipal enterprise. Probably needed some time to realize, but I want to say that this person no longer works. With tomorrow’s numbers. Everything will be within the current legislation” – has promised V. Desyatov.

After it became known about the decision of the mayor, the Deputy posted a video messagein which he promised to continue participation in weight loss program. “In the Irkutsk region today two news – I trump. I am a Deputy. The Representative Of “United Russia”. The former head of NTM-a, because I got fired today. Perhaps it should be. “Superesco” I will continue is my point of growth. My family, friends and colleagues support me, I love them all. What happened, happened”, – quotes its words “Interfax”.

“The head of Shelekhov A. fired Chaff for the love of the sport and sit-UPS. The delusion of some kind. Well, neighing the whole country, well, would be expelled from the party, would be removed from leadership of the faction United Russia in the Duma. But to dismiss what for? After all, she has a family and children… And, certainly, it is now in Shelekhov more work never will”, – quotes Agency the comment of the Deputy of the Duma of Irkutsk Alexander Kvasov, who believes that the outcry around the video is associated primarily with the local political situation.

Irkutsk Deputy was expelled from United Russia and dismissed from funeral Bureau for “Grigory” from tombstones (VIDEO) 10.11.2016

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