In Irkutsk, where from poisoning surrogate concentrate for bathing “Hawthorn” died dozens of people, declared a state of emergency (PC). As reported “Interfax”, on Monday, December 19, at the meeting of the city Commission for emergency situations declared by the mayor Dmitry Berdnikov.

As transfers RIA “Novosti” with reference to Prosecutor’s office, from poisoning hawthorn suffered 57 residents and 41 people died. Earlier it was reported about 54 injured and 33 dead. Later, however, it became known that the number of victims tragically poisoned “Hawthorn” rose. According to the Prosecutor of Leninsky district of the Stanislaus Zubovsky, of the 57 victims, 48 people died.

Mass poisoning surrogate alcohol occurred in the district of Irkutsk Novo-Lenino. Last Saturday and Sunday in the city hospital there were men and women with signs of poisoning. It was established that they drank perfume means “Hawthorn”. And the label had a warning about the prohibition of its use inside.

Putin was informed about the death of people from poisoning “Hawthorn”
In the state Duma proposed compulsory treatment of alcoholics by court
Alexei Navalny: “this power I restore order in this area are not waiting”
Igor eydman: discovered “a gaping hole in the security system” – the “modest” setting “Hawthorn”

The Ministry of health of the region earlier said that the poisoning was caused by methyl alcohol (methanol) contained in “the Hawthorn”.

However, at the meeting of the Commission for emergency situations on Monday, the chief doctor of the medical unit of the Irkutsk aircraft production Association (IAPA) Eugene Vyhovsky said that in the study of samples taken from admitted with acute poisoning were discovered traces of high concentrations of ethanol and antifreeze. “Apparently, these chemicals cause acute poisoning, death from which occurs very rapidly, in a matter of hours, what caused such tragic consequences,” he said.

Discovered the shop, which poured deadly “Hawthorn”

Police found in one of the Irkutsk gardening underground plant for bottling of alcohol-containing means for bathing “Hawthorn”, which killed dozens of people. About it at session of the Commission on emergency situations in Irkutsk, said the Deputy head of the city police Department Herman Bratchikov.

“In the shop on the territory of gardening in the Leninsky district were found not only the liquid “Hawthorn”, but also counterfeit alcoholic products brands “Royal hunt”, “Finland silver” and others,” Bratchikov said, quoted by TASS. According to him, the place was removed a few cans from the alcohol-containing liquid, they are transferred for examination.

Investigators and police officers conduct searches in commercial markets, where, according to the victims, they bought alcohol-containing liquid. From illegal circulation it is withdrawn more than two thousand liters of alcohol, as well as identified points of sale “Hawthorn”. Taken over two thousand tanks of this means a total of more than 500 liters, as stated on the website of the regional UK.

In turn, the official representative of the Russian Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk said that staff of the regional administration “within the framework of decriminalization of sphere of turnover of alcohol” has tested more than 200 places of trade in alcohol, including wholesale and retail markets.

According to Wolf, quoted the website of the regional interior Ministry, seized about two thousand bottles, “Hawthorn” capacity of 0.25 milliliters. Samples are directed on research in ekspertno-the criminalistic center GU MVD of Russia in the Irkutsk region.

In fact the mass poisoning criminal case under part 3
article 238 of the criminal code (production, storage, and distribution of products that do not meet
the requirements of security, entailed death of two and more persons). In the UK announced the arrest of two suspects in the spread “Hawthorn”. The interior Ministry has reported more about the five detainees. Deputy chief of the city police Department Herman Bratchikov said that the detained seven people, including two businessmen who sold the “Hawthorn” on retail markets.

In Irkutsk forbidden to sell “Hawthorn”

In connection with the mass poisoning of citizens, the authorities introduced in Irkutsk ban on the sale of alcohol-containing technical fluids, including under the brand name “Hawthorn”. As reported “Interfax”, said the mayor of the city Dmitry Berdnikov at the meeting of the Commission for emergency situations.

In turn, the Chairman of the Committee on the economy of the city administration Ruslan Kim said that a complete ban on trade in alcohol liquids introduced in grocery outlets suspended their implementation to ascertain the circumstances of mass poisoning.

The municipality organized the bypass apartments

Monday, December 19, in Irkutsk are door-to-door rounds in connection with the mass poisoning of “Hawthorn”. As stated on the official portal of Irkutsk, at the operational meeting held in the city hall chaired by Deputy mayor Ivan Noskov was instructed urban structures possible to inform residents about the danger of poisoning.

To inform residents by employees of the administration of the support order, the control of the company. In city hall reported that the first consideration will be given to disadvantaged families. Utility companies, the municipality is instructed to check thermal camera collectors and backbone networks, which usually going in the winter persons without a certain residence.

“Hawthorn” – a popular substitute for alcohol

Previously, experts noted that because of the crisis in the country many citizens no longer enough money on legal alcohol, and in this regard the Russians increasingly began to purchase tinctures “Hawthorn” or “Motherwort”, nicknamed “funfiriks”. As he wrote in”Novaya Gazeta”, in 2014, alcohol tinctures and antiseptics are not intended for ingestion, claimed the lives of 45 thousand Russians. The volume of the market of alcohol products the pharmacy of origin of the experts was previously estimated at 10% of the total alcohol consumed by Russians of alcohol.

Hawthorn tincture is a medicinal drug used to treat heart disease, but some of the cheapness I prefer to use it and similar tools instead of alcohol.

At the beginning of October in Kaluga there was a scandal after the appearance of the vending machine such tinctures. The bottle of “lotion cosmetics containing alcohol 75%” with a volume of 99 ml was the clock bought for 20 rubles. After about the device reported by the press, it was removed.

In Chita the police then arrested a vending machine for cosmetic lotion “Hawthorn” in the absence of the device information stand for customers.

In late October, Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on health protection Nikolay Govorin has proposed to prohibit the sale of alcohol products, including tinctures of hawthorn and lotions, through vending machines.

In November, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation made a proposal to equate hawthorn tincture to alcoholic beverages and to include in yegais (unified state automated information system).

Irkutsk has introduced a regime of emergency in connection with the death of 48 people from poisoning “Hawthorn” 19.12.2016

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