The banned terrorist group “Islamic state” has used chemical weapons in Northern Syria. Was attacked by fighters of the opposition groups who are supported by the Turkish army. Injured more than two dozen people, according to a government “Anatolian Agency” with reference to information of the General staff. Before information about the use of mustard gas extremists to the Syrian authorities handed to the Russian defense Ministry.

According to the Turkish General staff, the IG fired missiles at the district, Galilee in the North of Syria. “Judging by the signs detected at the 22 soldiers of the forces of the Syrian opposition, the shells contained poison gas” – AA. What are the ailments identified the soldiers and how chemical weapons could be used, not specified.

Yahoo News , citing AFP reports that Turkish soldiers brought home from Syria and assisted in the hospitals in Kilis. On television showed footage, which show the transportation of the injured on stretchers: they are delivering health care workers, dressed in white chemical protection suits and gas masks. TASS said that they were taken to intensive care.

Also, the Turkish General staff reported on the results of ongoing bombing target of extremists as part of operation “shield of the Euphrates” in the course of the next air raids destroyed four objects.

The data of the Russian Ministry of defense

In November of terrorist use of chemical weapons was regularly inform the Russian Ministry of defense, most often they talked about the areas around Aleppo where Russia supported the offensive the Syrian army on the positions of the factions controlling the Eastern part of the city.

On the eve of the defense Ministry reported that it collected a record to the use by terrorists of yperite (mustard gas) is one of the first chemical warfare agents, which was used in the First world war.

According to authorities, the experts of the Ministry of defense on November 16, discovered in the village of Marret-Umm-Haouch unexploded mortar mine artisanal production, which militants have used against civilians. “At its extraction from the soil from the hole under the fuse began to emerge viscous liquid of dark brown color. The devices used for the rapid analysis of soil in the funnel and the contents of mines, showed the presence of toxic substances skin-blister agents type mustard gas”. Data confirmed in the laboratory, and then transferred to the Syrian side.

The defense Ministry says that the discovery confirms the presence of militants in well-established production of chemical weapons. There’s also pointed to “the possibility of delivery of a chemical agent mustard gas and other toxic chemicals from third countries”. Where chemical weapons can bring into the territory of Syria, was not specified.

ISIS used chemical weapons in Northern Syria: dozens of victims 27.11.2016

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