The clergy and parishioners of the Church in the French Rouen with the warm feelings remembering his priest Jacques Amelia, brutally murdered on Tuesday by Islamists in an attack on the Church.

Knowing his people say that father Jacques was a very kind man, unfailingly helped other people with great charisma.

He was the second priest in his temple. To serve on Tuesday was his colleague Auguste Moanda-Puati, but fate turned so that his place was father Jacques, writes The Guardian.

Jacques Hamel was born in 1930 in Darnetal, and was ordained in 1958. Two years later, would have turned 60 years of his priestly Ministry. “The priests can retire at 75 years old, and he continued to serve, he took an active part in the life of the parish,” he told one of his colleagues. “Have you ever seen a priest in retirement? I will work until my last breath”, – quotes the words of his father, Jacques portal “Orthodoxy and the world”.

As previously reported, the morning of July 26, he was serving in the temple in the city of Saint-étienne-du-Rouvray in Normandy. Suddenly, the Cathedral through the back door rushed the two men, took hostage several parishioners, father Jacques in the attack were killed. Media reported that the terrorists slit the priest’s throat. The attackers shouted Islamist slogans different, indicating including their relationship with the “Islamic state” (banned in the Russian Federation terrorist group DAISH).

Commenting on the tragic incident, the Archbishop of Rouen, Dominique Lebran said, “the Catholic Church has no other weapons but prayers and brotherhood, I beg you not to succumb to the violence and to be apostles of love. Happens unthinkable. But we see what direction we should go.

The parishioners said they were shocked by the assassination. Jacques Hamel was “very modest,” said the woman, who is still a young girl went to catechism classes taught by father Jacques. “He didn’t like to exhibit. It is very appreciated in the parish.”

The first priest of the temple Moanda-Puati, which on Tuesday was to serve mass, told the newspaper Liberation that the incident left him in shock. According to him, it is difficult to imagine how this could happen. “We never threatened”, he said.

The Vatican has described the incident in Rouen as a “barbaric murder” and “horrific violence … in the Church, a sacred place, where shall reign love to God.”

Some time after the attack on the Church in social networks there are posts which say that the martyrdom of his father, Jacques -the shortest way to Holiness. Twitter started the hashtag #santosubito. This appeal translated from Latin means “Saint immediately.”

Islamists killed by a priest of Rouen wanted to serve to my last breath 26.07.2016

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