Israel continues to fight a war engulfing fires: there detained around 40 arsonists, and there are calls to equate them to terrorists, reports NEWSru Israel. With the help of aviation, including the Russian seaplane be-200 and the American Evergreen 747, were able to extinguish the fires in the area of Natata. A large-scale evacuation, affecting tens of thousands of people, while allowing to avoid casualties. According to specified data, the fire had destroyed about 560 housing units.

Preliminary investigation showed that the fire in the area of Natfa was the result of arson, using Molotov cocktails. It was extinguished. A preliminary investigation showed that a second fire in the area of Natfa was the result of arson, using Molotov cocktails.

Windy weather persists, can lead to new fires. Sunday morning I received information that in the forest Haruvit near the village of Kfar Menachem in the Lachish district caught fire Bush. Fighting sent planes of fire aircraft.

Weather service predicts that on the evening of 30 November in Israel will start heavy rains, which will go for three days.

The causes of fires, and penalties for arsonists

In Israel there is an active debate about the punishment for arsonists and their role in large-scale disaster.

NEWSru Israel points out that the first fire that began on 22 November, apparently, were the result of careless handling of fire in conditions of dry weather and strong winds. But then the authorities and secret services began to report about the massive deliberate arson caused by the hate mongers of the Jewish state. Received information on the detention of suspects of involvement in the arson attacks in different districts of Israel and the discovery of rags, soaked with gasoline, close to the settlements.

The government appeals to deprive the perpetrators of this Israeli citizenship or to confiscate the property for such charges.

From a legal point of view, the main issue is that it is necessary legislatively to equate arson carried out on the grounds of national hatred, the terrorist act. If such a law is adopted, the question arises of who should compensate for the damage from arson, carried out by terrorists.

NEWSru Israel also notes that it is unfair to talk about what is happening as a new form of terror. Palestinian and Israeli Arabs in the past have set fire to forests and bushes with the aim of harming Israeli settlements. However, the scale of what is happening now is unprecedented.

Social networks in Arabic under the hashtag “Israel Burning” spread calls for a new arson of forests in Israel. The Palestinian authority issued a condemnation of such appeals. The leaders of the extremist organisation “Hamas” in Gaza and Qatar, by contrast, supported the “flaming terror” against Israel.

Israel has detained about 40 arsonists, they can be equated to terrorists 27.11.2016

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