Israel has suspended cooperation with a UN Organization for education, science and culture (UNESCO) approved its Executive Committee’s draft resolution, which, according to critics, is not taken into account the relationship of the Holy for Muslims and Jews the Temple mount to Judaism and question the relationship between religion and the Western Wall – a wall around the Western slope of this mountain, reports AP.

In Israel are outraged that the draft resolution, UNESCO prepared with the support of several Arab countries to the Holy sites in the Old city of Jerusalem used only Muslim names, and the link with these places of the Jewish people is ignored.

In addition, the document condemned Israel for “acts of aggression and illegal measures impeding the free exercise of religious worship and access of Muslims to the Holy place for them – the al-Aqsa mosque/al-Haram al-Sharif”.

The resolution was brought to a vote by Egypt and the Palestinian authority, it was supported by 24 members of the organization, six voted against, 26 abstained. It will be approved early next week and, as noted by the AP, is unlikely to change.

Education Minister of Israel Naftali Bennett, who heads the national Commission of Israel’s relations with UNESCO, announced the termination of cooperation with this cultural institution, in a letter to UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova organization accused of supporting the Islamists and ignoring thousands of years of relations of the Jews with Jerusalem. In his statement, quoted by the newspaper Haaretz, States that the Committee “will not have a professional relationship with the organization that promotes terrorism.”

Reuters quotes the statement of the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu: “to Say that Israel is not associated with the Temple mount and the wailing Wall – it’s like saying that China has nothing to do with the great wall of China, and Egypt – to the pyramids.”

The U.S. state Department urged UNESCO not to approve the resolution, reports NEWSru Israel. Press Secretary of the state Department mark Toner said, in particular, that Washington is concerned over the political resolutions of UNESCO and added that in recent years, the organization regularly takes anti-Israeli decisions.

UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova spoke on the subject with this statement: “the Heritage of Jerusalem is indivisible and each community has the right to recognition of their history or relationship with the city. Denial, concealment or Erasure of the Jewish, Christian or Muslim traditions violate the integrity of this place, and contrary to the reasons that became the basis for placing it in the world heritage list”.

Claims to UNESCO showed Japan, refusing to pay fees for inclusion in the world heritage List of documents about the massacre in Nanjing massacres by Japanese soldiers of the civil population of the capital of the Republic of China during the Second Sino-Japanese war in 1937.

Israel refused to cooperate with UNESCO because of the “Muslim” resolution on the Holy places of Jerusalem 14.10.2016

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