The Israeli authorities refused to comply with adopted on the evening of December 23 resolution of the UN security Council to immediately stop settlement activity in the occupied Palestinian territories. It was expected that the resolution would veto the United States, however, the US delegation abstained, which allowed the document to obtain the necessary support.

In the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that “Israel in any form will not accept the shameful anti-Israel UN resolution and did not obey her,” reports Reuters.

The representative of the Netanyahu stressed that the administration of President Barack Obama not only defended Israel “from this group attack in the UN”, but “conspiring behind the scenes with the organizers”.

In connection in the office is that it will wait for 20 January to discuss this issue with the new U.S. President – Donald trump and “friends in Congress” to “negate the damage from this absurd resolution” (quoted by TASS).

Trump had earlier said on his page on Twitterthat after his accession to the post of head of state, “the UN everything will be different”. Trump did not specify what exactly was going on, but he made the statement shortly after the decision of the UN security Council to adopt a resolution on Israel. While earlier, the Republican spoke in favor of the veto on the resolution because peace between Israelis and Palestinians can be achieved only through direct negotiations between the parties, rather than prohibitions of the UN.

According to Reuters, the Israeli authorities asked trump and his team to interfere in the voting process, but to influence the UN, as can be observed, the elected President is not possible.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration said that the policy of the Israeli authorities threaten the peaceful coexistence of two States. “This activity (settlement activity in the Palestinian territories) has increased in recent years, especially after 2011, when we vetoed a similar resolution,” said Deputy assistant US President for national security Ben Rhodes, explaining Washington’s decision to abstain in the security Council.

With regard to the statement trump, Rhodes answered briefly: “there is only one President” and the Obama administration acts in accordance with the policy of the United States, which is supported by both parties.

Initially the resolution was proposed by Egypt last Thursday, but Cairo pulled it off voting on the same day. However, on Friday the resolution was put forward again, but Senegal, New Zealand, Malaysia and Venezuela. Netanyahu has ordered to withdraw ambassadors from New Zealand and Senegal, and to terminate all assistance programs last.

Note that Russia voted for the resolution. “Our experience confirms that a settlement is possible only via direct negotiations without preconditions between the Palestinians and the Israelis,” – said Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin.

Israel said the refusal to perform a “disgraceful” UN resolution on Jewish settlements 24.12.2016

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