Soldiers of the Israeli Army (IDF) detained near the coast the ship “Zaytuna”, on Board of which were participating in the “women’s flotilla” trying to break into the Gaza strip. In the night of Thursday, October 6, it was delivered to the port of Ashdod, reports NEWSru Israel.

According to the military, the interception of the ship carried out the girls-in the Navy. As a result of operation nobody has suffered.

On Board are 13 Pro-Palestinian activists. Among them – the Nobel peace prize laureate, Mairead’s Irish Corrigan-Maguire, according to the Ninth channel. Corrigan-Maguire was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 1976 for peace and human rights work in Northern Ireland. It is not the first time tries to enter the territory of the Gaza strip on the ship “humanitarian” convoys.

About the detention of the vessel was informed the day before TV channel Al-Jazeera. The website Al Bawaba reports that the ship was detained in the Eastern Mediterranean, is 80 kilometers from the Israeli coast.

Before the detention of the vessel, the military was blocked in the area of mobile communications. After that, the connection with the “Zaytuna” was lost. The correspondent of Al-Jazeera, are among the participants of the flotilla, reported that the connection was blocked by the Israeli military after the captain was ordered to sail for the port of Ashdod. The correspondent of Al-Jazeera, located in the port of Ashdod, said that before the arrest of the ship the IDF to monitor the movement of the flotilla sent to meet the “Zaytun” several of his boats and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The press service of the IDF reported that interception of the vessel was manufactured in accordance with the order received from the government and after exhausting all diplomatic avenues to prevent the violation of Maritime boundary.

Press service of the IDF also said that, in accordance with international law, the Israeli Navy demanded several times by the ship’s captain to change course, and only after that, soldiers went on Board.

“The participants in the flotilla detained and will be handed over to relevant state authorities”, – quotes the message of the press service of the IDF. It is assumed that after a short time, all the activists will be deported from Israel.

Earlier participants of the flotilla said that their ship has no weapons or humanitarian supplies. According to the organizers of the flotilla, this action was pure propaganda and was meant to draw attention to the problems of the residents of the Gaza strip.

The website NEWSru Israel publishes an overview of the Arab media on this topic. So, according to him, the website Al Bawaba qualifies the interception of the ship EN route to Gaza as piracy.

The official Palestinian Agency Wafa advocates condemned the escalation of Israeli aggression against Gaza. It is noted that the government is outraged by the interception of the ship with the peaceful activists who wanted to Express solidarity with the residents of the blocked sector.

Earlier, the Israeli Navy has repeatedly thwarted the attempts to break the naval blockade of the Gaza strip. Israeli authorities explain it by the need to prevent the supply of weapons to militants from the radical Palestinian groups. Human rights groups say Israel’s actions illegal and repeatedly sent to the shores of the enclave ships carrying humanitarian aid and solidarity delegations.

In most cases, interception took place without the use of force. The exception was the arrest in 2010 of the so-called freedom Flotilla – six ships which were carrying to Gaza, hundreds of activists and thousands of tons of various cargoes.

Then killed nine members of navigation, Turk by nationality, which violent resistance to the boarding group. The incident complicated the situation in the region, sparked worldwide protests and sharp criticism of Israel, which is after that removed restrictions on the import of most civilian goods into Gaza by land. However, the coalition has promised to continue operations until, until “will open the port of Gaza, not to end the blockade and occupation”.

Israeli Navy detained a “women’s flotilla” with Nobel prize winner on Board 06.10.2016

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