Israeli Prime Minister presented a plan dividing Jerusalem with the Palestinians, reports NEWSru Israel with reference to Maariv. It is expected that nearly all the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem will be unilaterally handed over to the Palestinian authority. The status of Jerusalem is one of the most critical questions when discussing the prospects for conflict resolution between Israel and the Palestinians.

The separation plan was developed by member of Knesset Anat Berko (Likud). The plan provides for the establishment of various barriers, separating Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem, as well as the construction of tunnels and bypass road, which would ensure the territorial continuity of the Palestinian authority, after she will be transferred to the blocks is now part of Jerusalem.

The transition of territories to Palestinian control will be carried out in two stages. On the ground Israel will retain control over security, reassign civil administration of the Palestinian authority. Second, the transferred areas will be fully under the control of the authorities of autonomy.

This project does not concern the Muslim quarter of the Old city. In accordance with the plan of Anat Berko, the entire Old city will be for Israel.

The offer is dictated by the demographic processes in Jerusalem: there is decreasing proportion of the Jewish population. Plan Berko, as conceived by its author, must stop this process and to guarantee the preservation of a Jewish majority in the capital.

The reaction of the Prime Minister on the plan is unknown.

NEWSru Israel claims that at least one Minister from the Likud is a supporter of the idea of separation of Jerusalem from the Arab neighborhoods.

Israeli Prime Minister presented a plan dividing Jerusalem with the Palestinians 01.10.2017

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