Facebook acknowledged the erroneous censorship of a painting by the Italian artist Caravaggio, which presents Nude. In a dispute with the social network joined an art dealer from Milan Hamilton Moura Filho.

The debate about the limits of the permissible in art has arisen after Bosko Jankovic was posted on his page one of the most famous paintings of the founder of realism – “Cupid the conqueror”, also known as “Love conquers all”. Soon the post was removed by the Facebook administration, and the art dealer received a notice that he violated the rules of community, because Cupid is on posted picture naked. Filho account also was blocked, writes The Local.

In the picture, in question, Cupid is depicted in all anatomical details. He has dark wings and arrows in one hand, feet – music book, musical instruments and a compass.

Cupid, or Cupid, was a common character in the works of Italian artists of the late XVI – early XVII centuries, but if generally mischievous God of love, portrayed as a boy of perfect beauty, Caravaggio realistic and he’s more like a street bully. It’s pretty, but not beautiful, the smile reveals crooked teeth, and the wings were reminiscent of props. According to Italian press, apparently, Cupid was too realistic for Facebook.

Artists in Milan and throughout Italy protested the decision of a social network, considering that in the case of Filho we are talking about “insulting history and culture.” The art dealer was going to act against Facebook legal methods, writes La Repubblica, however, this was not necessary – the representatives of the social network apologized for the overzealous and reinstated the fan of Caravaggio account access.

“My Facebook has always been a place where we talk about culture and art. Art is the remedy against ignorance,” Filho commented on the incident on his page in the social network, thanking a number of prominent art historians and Museum Directors for their support.

We will remind, two months ago, Norwegian writer and journalist Tom Agellan complained of censorship on Facebook after they deleted his post with a photo of the photographer nick Ute, which has become worldwide the personification of war in Vietnam. Her Nude girl running, fleeing from a Napalm attack. In Norway, the decision of Facebook has caused a flurry of protests. In defense of the photographs marked the Pulitzer prize, spoke even Prime Minister of the country. In this case, the decision of the administration of the social network was also abolished.

In the Russian segment of Facebook at the end of September, there was a flash mob #bestenemy in support of the American photographer Jock Sturges, whose exhibition in the Centre behalf of the Lumiere brothers in Moscow was attacked. Users published known the scenic and other works depicting Nude children, arguing that art has nothing to do with pornography.

Italian art dealer proved Facebook that naked Cupid Caravaggio in his post – not pornography 01.11.2016

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