Known for its uncompromising priest from Italy said the recent devastating earthquakethat led to the deaths of hundreds of Italians and left without a roof over the head tens of thousands of people, divine punishment for legalization in the country of same-sex unions.

British The Sun notes that the Vatican hastened to distance themselves from the radical sayings of Padre Giovanni Cavalcanti, but his words caused a wide resonance.

His statement, the priest made on 30 October, the day after in the Central Italy earthquake, the most powerful for the last 36 years. It was the third earthquake in less than two months. According to Cavalcanti, who spoke on radio Maria, seismic tremors were “divine punishment” for “crimes against the family and the sanctity of marriage, in particular through civil unions”.

After the occurrence of the scandal, the representatives of the radio station said that he did not agree with the opinion of the guest. Press notes the sarcastic tone of the comment about the idea of “vengeful God”, reminiscent of pagan beliefs of pre-Christian era.

Archbishop Angelo Becchi, one of the leaders of the Secretariat of the Vatican, said that the words Kavalali was “offensive and shameful for believers to unbelievers.” The representative of the Holy see asked for forgiveness from the victims of the earthquake and are reminded of “solidarity and support” of Pope Francis.

However, frantic father decided to insist on and in the next interview confirmed that earthquakes are really the result of “sins of mankind”. He also advised the representatives of the Vatican to “read the catechism”.

It is worth Recalling, changes in the Italian legislation legalizing civil unions for same-sex unions, came into force last month.

Note, religious figures is not the first time attributed natural phenomena to the level of morality. Thus, in the 210 year one of the most prominent Islamic teachers of Iran Kazem Hojatoleslam Sedighi stated that the responsibility for the earthquake needs to take women who dress so that you can see their body, and behave carelessly.

“Women often dress immodestly and intimidate men infringe their chastity and provoke extramarital Affairs. It causes earthquakes,” – quoted the words of the priest to The Daily Mail.

In Indonesia after the devastating earthquake of 2013, was extended another version. Minister of communications and information of the country Tifatul Sembiring tied to the frequent earthquakes in South-East Asia with the spread of pornography, reported the website with reference to the Indonesian Agency Bernama.

A well-known Orthodox priest Alexander Ilyashenko in the column for the portal “Orthodoxy and the world” called large-scale forest fires of 2010, the result of “millions of abortions” and the impunity of corrupt officials.

Italian priest called the legalization of gay marriage cause devastating earthquakes 07.11.2016

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