President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko commented on the results of the US presidential election, which was won by the billionaire Donald trump, telling about the contents of their congratulatory messages to the American counterpart. In addition, he warned Russia against excessive euphoria about the election trump, reports BelTA.

“If someone is happy? I heard in Russia: trump chose is good, Hillary bad. I can already say that it’s not a gift,” – said Lukashenko. He noted that the General direction of US policy towards Russia, if defeated Hillary Clinton, it would be understandable. But the authorities came to Donald trump, and his main slogan and the idea is to make America great. “And where is the place of Russia?” – asked the Belarusian leader.

“So no need to rush and say that it is a gift. Came to power an American citizen who loves America and who wants this country was even more powerful than it is now. But where the global state and ours, – the question. We would not be lost in this maelstrom. And don’t worry, we will not be lost”, – assured Lukashenko.

The President of Belarus also said that the message Trump has written that American billionaire has diluted democracy, and in time shook America to the democracy to save.

“He can make history, if, indeed, during the presidency will shake America. People were brought to the point that the working class voted for him, despite the fact that he is a fat cat. That is, in America there are serious problems. And his main task is the solution of these internal problems. And not only by printing dollars, because it too will have negative consequences,” – said Lukashenko.

According to him, a certain decline and apathy in the United States are visible to the naked eye. He remembered his last visit to the United States and negative impressions upon arrival in new York. It was primarily concerned with appearance and unkempt areas along the route. “This is not the America that I saw ten years ago. People assess the state of Affairs immediately leave the aircraft,” – said Lukashenko.

Speaking about the policies the President will pursue a tramp, the Belarusian leader added that it will be slightly different from what you can see to feed the media. “We were not in his election meetings, in General, have not seen or heard what he was saying, and the media have distorted his statements. So let’s wait and see. But the main thing is the internal problems that he will have to decide. Trump was supposed to be President in this country, and he became President,” – concluded Lukashenko.

The other day Belarusian political analyst Maksim Stefanovich reminded about the origin of the son in law of Donald trump – Jared Kushner, whose ancestors survived the Holocaust and moved from the city of Novogrudok of the Grodno region in the United States. “By the way, Jared Kushner (married to Ivanka trump, daughter of Donald trump. – Approx. – a descendant of survivors of the ghettos of Jews from Novogrudok. SWAT trump, the American billionaire Charles Kushner, even came to Novogrudok, and also provides sponsorship to the local Museum,” – said the expert.

In his opinion, the Belarusian authorities can use this link to initiate a dialogue with trump. “For example, the Museum in Novogrudok view. Which, by the way, like when someone emphasizes that he has done or can do” – suggested the expert.

“It’s not a gift,” Lukashenka warned Russia against euphoria after the election trump President of the United States 14.11.2016

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