The former head of the Kremlin administration, the President’s special representative for environmental issues Sergey Ivanov has denied message about the coming establishment of the Ministry of state security.

“This is absolute fake! No Ministry of state security never thought and never will. Can confidently say. A classic example of how someone comes up with fake throws, and then his long comments. It’s called news production in the absence of real news. Or a desire to draw attention to himself or to some publication,” – said Ivanov in an interview with the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

On specifying question, whether you discussed the establishment of such a structure, Ivanov replied: “No. And it’s not necessary, I think. Enough of those power structures that are there. They established”. “The intelligence community should be separated from intelligence. FSO and National guard is different power structures, they each have their own tasks. To combine them into one super-Ministry don’t see any sense. I see some cons. But, I repeat, fake,” continued Ivanov.

About the planned reform of law enforcement agencies, which should receive the Ministry of state security, in September, wrote the newspaper “Kommersant”. According to the newspaper, the new Ministry plan to create on the basis of the FSB. Its structure also is proposed to include the Federal security service (FSS) and the foreign intelligence Service, said in the article.

The publication said that while the Investigative Committee may be returned to the Prosecutor General’s office with the lowering of the status of its main departments and functions of the Ministry of emergency situations estimated to be split between the mod, which will join the forces of civil defense and the interior Ministry, which can move legally.

The aim of the reform is to improve the efficiency of law enforcement and security forces and the eradication of corruption was discussed in the article. Be completed for the presidential elections 2018, noted the publication. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov declared that cannot confirm the information.

The fight against corruption will continue

Sergei Ivanov in his interview to “KP” also said that the policy of cleaning the government of corruption will continue. “This applies to officials and security forces, and the banking sector, the usual Scam. On corruption in the year across tens of thousands of people. Resonant things broadly commented on, and thousands of other corrupt officials, including officials caught, simply do not matter because they are small fry. But this work, too, must be,” he said.

“And, of course, need to get rid of the various offerings. To give a bribe is also a crime. But sticking at every step! There is already a mass consciousness.
Sorry, it’s kind of Asiatic, we are still present, and it must
to fight,” – said Ivanov.

“There is no disgrace I don’t feel

It in interview of “KP” went and Ivanov’s resignation as head of the Kremlin administration. He denied rumours that the resignation is allegedly linked to the hit in disgrace or health problems.

“No disgrace I feel. And generally optimistic about the fact that now I can finally deal with concrete things, which I love and which actually had been concerned, but, you know, in fits and starts,” – said Ivanov.

“Some even wrote that I was the President dismissed because I was against joining of Crimea to Russia. Well, idiots, what can I say. We have, thank God, free country, say and write anything, and I’m for it with both hands. But we must understand that the freedom to write and say anything, automatically implies that you can partially speak and write any nonsense, that is just critical,” said the special representative of the President.

Ivanov is assured that “not tired” and that “no health problems no”, and explained the recent reshuffle by the need “to change the people in power”, as well as relevant agreements with the head of state. “I understand that, say, my face a lot already tired of that in Putin’s entourage and the government must change the people that you cannot sit on the same positions,” he said.

Sergei Ivanov stressed that it remains the employee of the presidential administration, continues almost daily to chat with former colleagues, including the new head of the presidential administration Anton Vaino. According to Ivanov, “contact left” and President Vladimir Putin, although this communication is now not as intensive as before.

Ivanov called “an absolute fake” reports on the establishment of the Ministry of state security 18.10.2016

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