Japanese authorities continue to struggle with the elements: heavy rainsthat hit the island, has already led to disastrous consequences. In the city Ishige, one of the victims of the Typhoon, at least 25 people are reported missing. The settlement was almost completely flooded because of flood of the river Kinugawa.

A night in ishige the emergency personnel managed to rescue about 200 people, 500 more awaiting evacuation on the roofs of their houses, reports broadcaster NHK. In total, the authorities said about the necessity of evacuation of about one million Japanese.

After the dam broke and the flood Kinugawa from residents was received requests for assistance, however, then communication was lost. Flooded there was an area of 32 square kilometers, the damage 6,9 thousands of homes.

The scuttled remains of the city of Osaka (North-Eastern Miyagi Prefecture), where there has been flooding of the river Sebuyau. There for lifeguards are expecting about 40 people – information on missing persons or victims has not yet been reported. In Osaka destroyed about 20-meter section of the protective wall. According to personnel of local television, and the water started flooding the city: residents urged to immediately climb to the upper floors of the buildings and wait for emergency assistance.

According to official information of the police Department of Japan, as a result of floods and flash floods caused by heavy rains on the East coast of Honshu, one person was killed and 28 were injured of varying severity.

Yesterday for the prefectures Tochigi and Ibaraki in the East of Honshu island was declared “particular alarm”. “Special notice” means an approximation of a natural disaster that occurs once in several decades and may entail sacrifices. In particular, significantly increases the risk of floods, vanishing rock avalanches and landslides, flooding of lowlands.

Then Prime Minister Shinzo Abe urged the authorities to ensure the safety of residents of the regions that were hit the biggest shot of tropical storm “Kilo”. Meteorologists, in turn, predicted deterioration.

“There is a probability that the region will continue the unprecedented power of torrential rains. We intend to make all efforts for the coordinated work of the government to ensure the safety of citizens and the implementation of urgent measures required in the event of natural disasters,” – said Abe.

On Thursday, the cyclone “Kilo” is very close to the East coast of Honshu. The pressure at the center of the Typhoon was 980 hPa, the wind speed reached 25 meters per second, with gusts up to 35 meters. The cyclone was moving in a North-westerly direction at a speed of 25 kilometers per hour, passed along the northeastern coast of Honshu and Hokkaido, and by Saturday night should be close to the Kuril Islands.

More than 250 thousand people in Tochigi, received recommendations about evacuation due to the approaching cyclone. In Ibaraki Prefecture recommendations about evacuation were made for about 150 thousand people. Meteorologists predicted that the region within 24 hours, which could mean up to 500 millimetres of rain. Storm warning in connection with the cyclone also applies to the prefectures of Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama, Fukushima, Miyagi, Niigata, Yamagata and the capital region. Experts warn about the threat of floods and vanishing mountain landslides.

According to meteorological management of Japan, in the Central and North-Eastern parts of the country over the past three days fell more than 600 millimeters of rainfall. Storm warning in effect in several prefectures of the Central part of the country, including in Chiba, Kanagawa, Tochigi, Miyagi. The cause of the rains became Typhoon “Atau” that has hit the country Tuesday, as well as another tropical storm – “Kilo”. Wednesday due to Typhoon in Japan have been cancelled dozens of flights, recommendations about evacuation received hundreds of thousands of people.

Simultaneously with the natural disaster in Japan on the East coast of the Primorsky region was hit by tropical storm “Atau” (Etau). Since his arrival in all coastal areas began heavy rains.

The most intense precipitation were recorded in the village of Transfiguration Lazovsky district of the province. Rescuers do not exclude the rising rivers inundated farmland, roads and separate settlements.

In connection with torrential rains all operational service of Primorye are put into a state of high alert. Rescuers stepped up grouping in Terney district. Thursday was sent to a group of search and rescue units of the regional search and rescue service of nine people and one piece of equipment. It was noted that the specialists will monitor the flood situation and to assist the population with the passage of the storm.

Rescuers recommended that local residents during adverse weather conditions to take all necessary measures to ensure their own safety, to temporarily refrain from the use of vehicles and travel outside of settlements.

Japanese authorities evacuated a million residents because of the strong Typhoon 12.09.2015

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