Japanese Princess Mako, the eldest granddaughter of Emperor Akihito, has decided to marry a guy who studied together at the International Christian College. The news stirred the Japanese media – marrying a commoner, a 25-year-old Princess will lose its status and cease to be a member of the Imperial family. The shortage of heirs it poses a threat to the dynastic crisis.

On Friday, may 19, in Japan, the expected approval of the bill on the resignation of 83-year-old Emperor Akihito. The first abdication of the Emperor for almost two centuries due to the fact that last August, the monarch admitted the inability of age to fully perform their duties.

The bill does not deal with such controversial topics as the right of women from the Imperial family on the throne hrizantemovym or permission to save status after marriage. At a press conference on Wednesday, may 17, chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said, according to the government, to date, the question of the necessity of measures to ensure stable Imperial succession is not necessary, Reuters reports.

The Ministry of the Imperial court refused to comment on reports of the engagement. He is the chosen Princess, for which she decided to become a commoner, a 25-year-old Kay Komuro, promised to make a statement about this, “when the time comes”. He admitted that he had had a brief phone conversation with Princess Mako.

Currently, a former classmate of the Princess works at a law firm and is a graduate student. The Japanese, eager to learn more about it, on the eve of brought down the website of the tourist company “the Prince of the sea”, which was previously headed by Komuro, notes CNN.

The reporters stayed all night in front of the law office where he works has stolen the Princess ‘ heart a lawyer, but was unable to get any details.

Princess Mako, who, like her fiance, graduated from international Christian University, received a master’s degree from the University of Leicester and works as a researcher at the Museum.

Currently, the Japanese Imperial family consists of 19 members, 14 of whom were women. A centuries-old tradition deprives the princesses the right to enter into the family after marrying a commoner. The last one gave up the title for the sake of love, was Saiko, the only daughter of Emperor Akihito, who in 2005 married the urban planner Yoshiki Kuroda.

The Emperor has only three heir – Prince Naruhito, his younger brother Akishino and son, Akishino, Prince, Hisahito. Sister Mako, Princess Kako, and five other unmarried princesses lose their Royal title, if you marry commoners. This increases the likelihood that the Imperial family will be significantly reduced and will not be able to provide the right amount of heirs. The wife of the crown Prince, Naruhito, Princess Masako, have received
a nervous breakdown
, trying unsuccessfully to give birth to a boy.

Japanese Princess Mako decided to marry for love, threatening a dynastic crisis 17.05.2017

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