American actor Jim Carrey called the lawsuit the mother of his former girlfriend Katrina white, who committed suicide in September last year, extortion based on lies. This is stated in court papers the actor, who received the magazine Us Weekly.

The documents also reported that Kerry was devastated by the suicide of Wight, which he loved and supported. In addition, they indicate that although the suicide of a former lover Kerry was seen as a tragic and devastating event, he admits that it was her choice. Proof that white found and stole prescription drugs Kerry from his house and deliberately adopted them in large numbers with the sole purpose to commit suicide, compelling, as stated in the documents.

Mother of Catriona Bridget Sweetman claims that her daughter died as a result of an overdose of illegal drugs that she took out Kerry. Last week she filed a lawsuit in a court in Los Angeles, in which he accused the actor of her daughter’s death.

Before, a similar lawsuit against Jim Carrey sued the U.S. the husband of the deceased mark Burton. He accused the actor that he illegally supplied her with drugs issued on prescription. Kerry then called the accusations a “terrible shame”.

In September 2015, the police found the body of Katrina white at her home in Los Angeles. According to investigators, the woman was suicide by taking an overdose of drugs. The press wrote that a few hours before the suicide white she and Kerry decided to leave. At the time white was still married to mark Burton.

Jim Carrey called extortion the claim of the mother of his dead girlfriend 19.10.2016

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