In the Finnish city of Tampere students of the high school, studying the Russian language, got the job, citing the former children’s Ombudsman of Russia Pavel Astakhov banning foreigners from adopting Russian orphans. Parents complained about the propaganda in the training manual, reports the Russian news service of the Finnish broadcasting company Yle. Journalists sent to the examining Board asking who did the tasks and did the Finnish members of the Commission on the content of these texts. The answer is no.

“I advocate that adoption of children abroad was a thing of the past. Why are Americans the last 16 years in such numbers take to their families Chinese, Ethiopian, Russian children? They build the future of their country. In America today, 72 million children, of which a huge number of adopted children”, – is told in the job.

In the other task required to perform, answer questions and write a summary on a few texts from Newspapers “Results” and “Arguments and facts”, which said about discrimination against the Russian language in the world. “We need through all possible channels, including diplomatic, international, cultural and public structures – clearly and firmly to its demand. We don’t insist that Russian became the main language of communication, but rightful and proper status of countries in the world it needs!” – reads one of the texts.

The mother of one of the students, told Yle: “We understand what ended the so-called protection on the example of my native Crimea and in Donbas. There is also all began with the fact that people began to suggest that someone oppressed Russian language.”

Another parent said that requires the removal of these tasks from the textbook. “We’re going to write a complaint to the school administration. Job about infringement of the Russian language, we just ignored it. I find it unacceptable penetration of these texts in Finland. My son will not perform such tasks, as contrary to our civil position. The school administration should carefully approach the topic of selection of teachers and educational materials”, – quotes its Yle.

The Russian language course in which students are invited to consult the above texts are the following: “the Course offers students the opportunity to evaluate linguistic diversity in the world and knowledge of language as a tool to enhance their own cultural skills. Course topics are closely connected with study, a life of youth and the need to use the language.”

On 15 September it became knownthat the majority of Finnish citizens believe that Russia is a threat to their country. This opinion is fully or partially adhere to more than half (54%) of residents of Finland, according to Finnish edition Valitut Palat, citing data from survey conducted by the British research company Wyman Dillon.

In spite of perceived or real threats, very few Finns consider it necessary to take some proactive steps. Thus, only 17% of citizens support the introduction in Finland, the compulsory military service for women. The ratio of members, male and female, were in favor of this idea, is 23% and 12%.

In another survey, which is described by Valitut Palat, stated that the majority of Finns (80%) do not trust the Russians. Second place in the level of distrust among Finns is the citizens of Romania (78%), followed by Greece (76%). In turn, among the Russians trust Finns, 42% of respondents. The same level of trust among citizens of the Russian Federation called by the Swedes, a little more – 46% – the Germans and the Swiss.

Jobs in Russian language for Finnish students found the promotion 18.10.2016

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