On the territory of Russia and Belarus started joint strategic exercises (SSA) “West-2017″, informs the website of the defense Ministry. They will be held at nine landfills with the participation of 12,7 thousand soldiers.

“Heads of bodies of military management, commanders involved in the doctrine of associations, formations and military units were given packets with the policy directives of the General headquarters of the armed forces of the Union state on the execution of training and combat tasks”, – stated in the message.

It also notes that the exercises are purely defensive and not directed against any States or groups of countries. The organizers of the military exercises came up with three “aggressor country”: Vacherie, Vesperia and Lubenia that attack on Belarus. Vacherie, according to legend, located in the Western part of Belarus, Wesbury – on the territory of Lithuania and Latvia, Lubenia in Lithuania and Poland, the Agency Delfi.

The defense Ministry explained the meaning of the name of military exercises “West-2017″, scared the neighbors of the Russian Federation

Meanwhile, “Interfax” reports that the crew of the first tank army, stationed in the suburbs, was alarmed and thrown in Belarus in the area of the maneuvers.

“The personnel of tank units with standard weapons and
appliances made March at the railway station loading, then
the military echelon during the day will be transferred to the area of the
exercises on the territory of the Republic of Belarus”, – reports the Agency with reference to press service of the Western military district.

According to open sources, the number of tank brigade – two or three
thousands of people. The military said that the intention of teachings received information about the
the discovery in one of the districts of the Union state of Russia
and Belarus of an illegal armed formation.

“The command of the Western military district, the decision was made
the rise alarm the personnel of the separate tank brigade of the First
guards tank army, stationed in the suburbs,” – said in

Maneuvers, scare the West

The user maneuvers “West-2017″ carried out by chiefs of General staffs of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. During the exercise, the Russian and Belarusian military “to train joint actions on the organization of interaction and comprehensive support in the interests of tasks in the regional group of troops (forces) (WGE(C).

Six polygons Lepel, Losvido, Borisov, Osipovichsky, Ruzhany, Domanovsky and terrain Dretun, located on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, and three sites Luga, Strugi-Krasnyye and pravdinskiy in the territory of the Russian Federation – military units RGV(s) will be conducted by sweepstakes tactical episodes with live-fire, wide application of forces and assets aviation and air defense forces.

“For the preparation of bodies of military management of the armed forces of the Union state for the upcoming exercise “Zapad-2017″ with the beginning of the year were held a number of joint command and staff training and exercises. When designing exercises were taken into account modern approaches to the use of troops (forces) on the basis of the experience of modern armed conflicts, as well as of joint activities of operational training of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus”, – said the Russian defense Ministry.

The main objectives of the teachings called “the improvement of operational compatibility of staffs of various levels, a pair of promising systems of control of troops and weapons, testing of new statutory documents, commanders at all levels of practice planning of a military nature and control based on the experience of modern armed conflicts”.

According to the Ministry, in the exercise involved up to 12.7 thousand military personnel (from the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus – about 7.2 thousand people from the armed forces of the Russian Federation – about 5.5 thousand people, of which on the territory of the Republic of Belarus – up to 3 thousand people). Also in the maneuvers involved 70 aircraft and helicopters, 680 pieces of equipment, including about 250 tanks, 200 guns, rocket systems of volley fire and mortars, about 10 warships.

As noted by the defense Ministry, the exercises “West-2017″ are the final stage of joint training of the armed forces of the two States. Russia and Belarus hold similar joint exercises with 2009 once in two years alternately in Belarus and Russia. The maneuvers have repeatedly aroused concern among neighbors of the Russian Federation. However, before the present teachings, in some countries, there was a real panic, which the Minister of defense of Belarus Andrei Ravkov have called “hysteria”.

In anticipation of the beginning of the exercise a number of NATO countries and the Ukrainian authorities have expressed concern about possible, in their opinion, threat of a Russian invasion. The President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite previously called the upcoming military exercises of Russia and Belarus is preparing for war with the West.

In the Alliance, in particular, noted that during previous large-scale maneuvers in 2013, Russia has fulfilled the actions of special forces and tested, which later was used during the annexation of Crimea. NATO allies have expressed concern that the new maneuvers can escalate into aggression against the Baltic States. In this regard, in a number of countries have taken measures to protect against possible attacks. NATO has reinforced its contingent in the Baltic States. Sweden for the first time in more than 20 years, began large-scale military exercises.

In Russia and Belarus, such accusations were repeatedly denied.

Against the background of increased anxiety of the Western States in connection with the Russian-Belarusian maneuvers, defense Ministers of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia has proposed to NATO countries to create the so-called war of the Schengen area. It would allow Alliance forces to move freely across the borders of Europe in case of crisis in the region.

Joint exercises “West-2017″ started on the territory of Russia and Belarus 14.09.2017

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