Hamovnichesky court of Moscow the day before, on July 29, arrested journalist RBC Alexander Sokolov, former editor of the newspaper “Duel”, publicist Yury Mukhin and colleague last Valery Parfenov. They are accused of “undermining authority” and participation in a recognized extremist organization, advocating for the referendum.

As informs RBC, after the Moscow city court in 2010 declared the Army of the people’s will (MSA) extremist and banned the organization, Sokolov, Mukhin and Parfenov continued illegal activity. They renamed the MSA in the “Initiative group for the referendum For responsible government”, which put the former goals and objectives – the creation of the initiative group for the referendum”.

The true purpose of the activists of the consequence considers as the “loosening of the political situation in the direction of instability and change of the existing government illegally”.

A friend of Yuri Mukhin Maxim Kalashnikov told the”Rain”that were arrested for a referendum on the adoption of the amendments to the Constitution and the law On the court of the people of Russia over the President and the members of the Federal Assembly”.

Their meaning is to give every voter the opportunity during the presidential and parliamentary elections to assess the quality of his life during the previous Board of deputies and the head of state. Depending on the results of the vote, the President and the Federal Assembly or receive awards or go to prison for the period of their stay in power. Was also offered the option of “no consequences”. This initiative appeared over 10 years ago.

According to information “OVD-info”, Sokolov led the online promotion of the aims and objectives of the movement, and Parfenov working to attract new members. In the case also States that the latter taught the neophytes methods of extremist activities, has organized a fundraising for the movement and also participated in the promotion.

Hamovnichesky court considered motions about the arrests of the defendants in the case. The investigator Natalia Talaia asked the court to arrest all of two months since the movement can abscond, put pressure on witnesses or destroying evidence.

In his speech before the court Yury Mukhin said: “In the law on extremist activity there is no such item as a referendum. On the contrary, extremism is interrupted referendum”. He assured that he was not going to hide from the investigation, as this referendum – “life’s work”.

Publicist asked me not to send him to jail since he retired and disabled of the III group, underwent heart surgery. Sokolov referred to the need to take care of 90-year-old grandmother. However, a suspect’s request about the election as a measure of restraint to house arrest were dismissed. Mukhin will be in jail until September 29, falcons and Parfenov, until 22 September.

Press Secretary of the media holding RBC Zlata Nikolaev reported that currently the lawyers are studying the legal grounds for the prosecution Sokolov.

As reported by “Russian Explorer”, previously Yuri Mukhin was convicted of incitement to extremist activity and sentenced to two years of imprisonment conditionally. Edition Polit.<url> clarifies, publicist became the figurant of criminal cases, among other things, he was suspected of anti-Semitism.

Information-analytical center “Sova” calls the MSA prohibited organization “Stalinist-nationalist, repeatedly observed in xenophobic propaganda”, but notes that the decision on recognition of the extremist movement was guided only by the prohibition flyers “You chose – you be the judge”. In 2012, the book Mukhina “power of shame!” was recognized as extremist material a quiet court of Moscow. It has been identified by the experts of the Russian Institute of cultural studies, was used “special linguistic means, negative emotional evaluation and negative attitudes towards the Russian nation”. In addition, the book included the text of the leaflet “You chose – you be the judge!” and quotes from the book “table talk with Hitler” Henry Picker, included in the Federal list of extremist materials.

Journalist RBC and two of his associates arrested during the preparations for the referendum on the responsibility of authorities 30.07.2015

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