Central Bank discusses with the shareholders and creditors of the ways to resolve the situation in the Bank “Peresvet”, which from October 21 introduced the interim administration and who now, quite possibly, expects bankruptcy proceedings.

The regulator has concluded that the problems associated with the Bank’s active lending “projects in the construction industry faced in recent years from a serious drop in demand”, reports “Interfax”.

Peresvet was a pillar of the financial system of the Moscow Patriarchate, reminiscent of the “Novaya Gazeta”. Established in the early 1990s at the initiative of the then Metropolitan Kirill, he was under the direct control of the Patriarchate (collectively, 49.6% of the two Church structures) , but also had the state cover in the face of the second shareholder, the chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation.

“Peresvet” stuck about a third of all funds of the Russian Orthodox Church, although experts say that some of the money hierarchy had to withdraw. What is happening can be either the beginning of the Church flight of capital from Russia or decisive blow of the authorities of the Church pocket, the publication suggests.

In addition, the Bank has kept 17 billion of shareholders ‘ equity and the related state-owned companies, large private companies, government agencies and pension funds.

A week ago imposed a moratorium on the issuing of depositors ‘ funds, according to “Vedomosti” could set a precedent for the pension market – accounts in “Peresvet” could keep their money NPF “stroycomplex” (assets – by 3.9 bn, 45th place). According to statements of the Fund for 2015, he kept on Deposit in the Bank of more than 450 million rubles, which is comparable to the size of its capital and reserves. He invested savings through the management companies: the OPS of UK “URALSIB”, “Capital” and “dominion”, NGO “Ingosstrakh-investments” and “URALSIB” and “Capital”.

Peresvet received from the state OFZ bonds on 100 million roubles under the program of recapitalization of the banking sector, thus becoming the first party where we have introduced a temporary administration. And “SME Bank”, controlled by state Corporation on development of small and medium business in mid-2016 was kept in “Peresvet” 6.3 billion rubles.

The Bank worked with the funds of state-owned companies, participated in all the tenders, says one banker. From the data Bank should be its main investors – generating companies. Almost 42% of all funds of legal entities have been pledged for loans and guarantees.

In addition, the deposits in the “Peresvet” was posted 6,280 billion rubles, and on the current account – even 1,405 billion.

Another large Corporation – “RAO Energy system of East” – was held on Deposit 5,901 billion.

A leading energy retail company “Mosenergosbyt”, part of “inter RAO UES” Chairman of the Board of Directors is Igor Sechin, had accounts at “Peresvet” 2.9 billion rubles

Journalists have counted tools gestaltur and state-owned companies into the problem of “Bank of the ROC” 24.10.2016

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