On the territory of the military unit in the village of Borzoi, Chechen Republic, where in February occurred a mass brawlhave been similar incidents. A big brawl happened in the 8th motorized rifle brigade in the past year, journalists found out. But then the guide part managed to avoid publicity.

That the February massacre is not the first such conflict in a motorized infantry brigade in Borzoi, the sources said “Our Version”. According to them, in 2015 on the territory of the same military unit was another mass brawl. But then persuaded the victims to contact the police.

The issue with reference to human rights defenders notes that in the mid-2000s, the number of conflicts on national soil in army has decreased dramatically, because in this period the Russian defense Ministry sharply reduced the appeal of the North Caucasian republics. Not often reported about the incidents when senior soldiers from the Caucasus terrorized his colleagues. The newspaper reminds that high-profile cases of hazing on a national basis were in the far Eastern military district and one of the parts of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Now the situation has again deteriorated, and it may be associated with the beginning of the recruitment of Chechens into the army in autumn 2014 for the first time in almost two decades. On resumption of the call by the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has asked defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Meanwhile, human rights activists recognize that to figure out the circumstances of the incident in Borzoi will be difficult, because after the beginning of the conflict in the Donbas them stopped to let in a military unit. In addition, military police and has not received function inquiry is this still working on commanders, which is unlikely to contribute to an open and independent inquiry into the incident in a military unit.

Mass fight in territory of a military unit in the Chechen village of Borzoi was on the 25th of February. Fight video was posted on YouTube. On the record shows a fight between a few tens of people, which disperse shots in the air.

Expert: to intervene in the conflict in a military unit – “ex officio” Kadyrov

The authorities of the Chechen Republic commented on the incident a day later. In a press-service of the southern military district said that the fight was provoked by two men
contract service on home soil, after which they stood up other war.
In the PUBLICATION also stated that “as a result of fight none of the soldiers
injuries have not received” (quoted by “Interfax”). The perpetrators of the incident promised to attract liability.

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that the fight had an openly domestic in nature and had nothing to do with the performance of military duties. According to him, the beginning of the conflict put the incident on February 23, when one of the soldiers made a comment to another for pronounced obscene statements in front of a woman chef.

While Kadyrov has urged not to interpret the incident as a conflict between Russians and Chechens. “This is a fight between men, which was attended by people of different nationalities and not just Russians and Chechens,” – said the Chechen leader.

After that, Kadyrov announced that he talked with the commander of the 58th army YUVO General Andrew Gurulev and met and talked with the personnel of the military unit in Borzoi. The head of Chechnya once again stressed that the fight had nothing to do with nationality and religion, and suggested to consider the conflict exhausted.

Meanwhile, expert of Association of military political scientists Alexander Perendzhiev has noticed that intervention in the conflict on the territory of military unit is not within the competence of the head of Chechnya. “Somehow in the public space heard only the opinion of Ramzan Kadyrov. This is not quite correct. The army is a Federal structure, to intervene in the activities of the heads of subjects of Federation, as they say in the army, not the position”, – said the interlocutor of “Our version”.

Perendzhiev reminded that there is a “military Prosecutor’s office, which for some reason in this conflict keeps a deathly silence, there are military police, the creation of which so much is said”. “It is in these situations when there are outbreaks of violence, have to work these bodies of law”, – said the expert.

However, the “Caucasian knot” with reference to local residents wrote that the fight was preceded by the beating of 24 February by a group of soldiers a young soldier-Chechen. The newspaper’s sources reported that the brawl was attended by civilians.

Journalists learned about another mass fight in territory of a military unit in the Chechen village of Borzoi 09.03.2016

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