On the film crew of NTV, representing the program “Central television”, was attacked in immigrant area of Brussels, when journalists were looking for heroes for your transmission. According to the NTV website, the employees of the TV channel was beaten and robbed. The police detained several young men involved in the attack.

According to the reporter Konstantin Panyushkin, he went to the area to find the family or friends of the terrorist, who had organized the attack on the Stade de France.

“The first who spoke, a group of teenagers, maybe 10 people. Older, probably not more than 20 years. And here’s just a couple of minutes interview, one of them attacked the cameraman and tried to snatch the camera. Beat hands and feet, and then the whole crowd pounced on us. Both were beaten, knocked to the ground, finished. And finished off until, until I took the backpack with the documents, the money, the laptop”, – he told.

In October the attack had been a journalist for Russia Today, it happened during the filming of a major protest anti-Islam movement PEGIDA in Dresden. The producer is part of the holding of videoamanda RT RUPTLY Jose Sequeira told that he was knocked to the ground and continued to inflict the blows to the head and face.

The explosion near the football stadium Stade de France in Paris took place on the night of November 14. At the same time, terrorists took hostages at the Bataclan concert hall and opened fire in several cafes. As a result of a series of terrorist attacks killed 129 people, more than 350 were injured. The investigation revealed that the organizers of terrorist acts are residents of the municipality of Molenbeek in Brussels.

Recently the media reported that the alleged organizer of the terrorist attacks in Paris Abdelhamid Aboud, which was the main objective of law enforcement during last Tuesday a special operation in the suburbs of the French capital Saint-Denis, was killed in a RAID by police who came to his location, according to investigators.

Journalists of NTV attacked in immigrant area of Brussels 19.11.2015

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