Starring in the series “Young Dad” Jude law most likely will not participate in the project of Paolo Sorrentino “the New Pope”. In an interview with Variety , the actor has made it clear it has no plans to appear in the image of the character. As admitted by Lowe, although he is satisfied have played a role, started filming “the Young Pope”, he didn’t think it would be to do the project over the next ten years.

However, as noted by The Playlist, there’s a rumor that Jude law can play in the “New Dad” in a secondary role. While the creators of the series about the low participation in the project do not speak. Everything could change given the fact that the production of the new show will not begin until the end of 2018.

Nevertheless, even with the departure of Lowe’s new series promises to be fascinating. After working on the Oscar-winning Italian Director Paolo Sorrentino and his co-writer in “Young Dad” Umberto Contarello. Auditions for main and other roles has not yet begun. It is expected that the project will proceed with the selection of actors this year.

About the new joint project of HBO and Sky became known this week. Details of the show and work on it are not reported.

The series premiere of “Young Dad” took place on 21 October 2016. In addition to starring Jude law starred Diane Keaton, Silvio Orlando, Javier Camara, Scott shepherd, Cecile de France, Ludivine Sagnier, Tony Bertorelli, Stefano Accorsi, James Cromwell.

In a first for Paolo Sorrentino the series tells about the life of a fictional Pope Pius XIII and his attempts to reform the Church. The first season consisted of 10 episodes. The series Sorrentino, who received the award “Oscar” for the 2013 film “the Great beauty” has earned critical acclaim and enthusiastic responses from the audience.

Jude law, apparently, will not play in the series Paolo Sorrentino “the New Pope” 18.05.2017

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