Chechen authorities have not banned the sale of alcoholic products on the territory of the Republic after an accident involving a drunk driver, the fault which killed eight people, and will not do. This was stated by the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov.

“We will not ban the sale, we have a law for this. We can only advise,” said he on 1 December in an interview with TASS. According to Kadyrov, the local entrepreneurs on their own initiative refused to sell alcohol in the region, after his appeal to the public, business and the clergy in connection with a resonant accident.

“In total there were 20 points of sale of alcohol, their owners got together and went, – has told Kadyrov. They said that for ethical reasons, today we have this activity don’t do. Thus, today in the Chechen Republic, alcohol is not for sale, but not because someone banned, but this is impossible, as it will be not under the law, but because the people themselves have expressed such a will”.

According to him, after the tragedy on the highway “Kavkaz” negative attitude toward drunk drivers in a very non-drinking region of the Russian Federation has intensified, “the case caused a huge resonance in the Republic, and to sell alcohol was almost unreal”.

Kadyrov added that he appealed to religious leaders urging them not to deal with the issues of funeral drivers, who themselves became victims of the road accident, committed in a condition of alcoholic intoxication. “If a drunk driver caused a car accident, he died or was killed, his funeral and the reconciliation will not engage in religious figures. Society must understand that this man intentionally committed a crime. He committed a terrorist act,” – said the head of the Republic.

A day earlier it was reported that in Chechnya, the owners of shops selling alcoholic beverages ceased its activities. According to media reports, after the accident with the large number of casualties that occurred at the entrance to Grozny on 27 November, the Republican owners of outlets that sell alcohol, was invited to meet with the head of the local Parliament, the head of the operational staff to reduce accidents on the roads Magomed Daudova. After this meeting, all the businessmen refused to issued licenses. It was reported that Chechen authorities promised to help entrepreneurs in the reshaping of the business.

Earlier, Kadyrov instructed Daudova to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident and promised that “the detainee for driving under the influence there will be no mercy”. According to the Chechen leader, the result of a frontal collision of the Ford Focus cars and a VAZ-21014 and collision with Lada Priora killed seven: the driver of the Ford, two girls aged 10 and 14 years of age and a girl and three men, and one man later died in hospital.

Kadyrov: businessmen on their own initiative refused to sell alcohol on the territory of Chechnya 01.12.2016

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