Ramzan Kadyrov commented on the reports about hundreds of immigrants from Chechnya, which has accumulated on the border of Poland, hoping to get into the country. According to Kadyrov, if this information is true, which the Chechen leader questioned, they cannot be called refugees.

“I sometimes hear that “thousands of Chechen refugees trying to cross into the territory of Poland”. This is an absolute lie! Perhaps someone wished to travel to Europe to, leaving loved ones, selling in Chechnya, a house or apartment, to be in crowded refugee camps”, – he wrote in his Instagram.

“In order to call them, need a reason, reason to escape. What can be the reason, if Chechnya is the most stable and developing region, if a social assistance and support to the needy does not exist anywhere, including Europe?” – said Kadyrov.

The head of the Republic has warned of the Chechens, leaving the country that the road back will be “long and hard”. “Before you lose everything and become persons without fixed abode (homeless), losing their religion, traditions and customs, it is important to think a hundred times what you are condemning themselves and their children. The road back will be long and hard!” – Kadyrov wrote.

In late summer 2016 at the Belarusian-Polish border near Brest there was a large group of immigrants from Chechnya and began to form a spontaneous refugee camp. Several hundred people (the exact number is unknown – according to various sources, the Chechens on the border from 200 to 500, but only in the vicinity of Brest can be up to two thousand Caucasians) wanted to enter the territory of Poland and have requested refugee status but was refused the Polish border guards.

People have repeatedly crossed the border in the hope of obtaining official refugee status. But, according to one of the representatives of the Chechen Diaspora, out of hundreds of applicants for refugee status in a railway crossing point in Terespol take a petition from two or three families, and the rest sent back to Brest.

Polish authorities previously refused to let the Chechens to my country, using arguments similar to the arguments Kadyrov. According to the head of the interior Ministry of Poland, the border of the Chechen “refugees” will not, because, first, they don’t run from any war, and secondly, so they want to get into Western EU countries.

Kadyrov called false reports of had accumulated on the Polish border, the refugees from Chechnya 28.09.2016

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