Winning on election of the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov called on to fight drug abuse in all regions of Russia. He believes drug addiction is equal to the terrorism phenomenon according to the degree of harm to society. The politician called for tougher laws to fight the potion. According to him, the level of drug abuse in Chechnya, one of the lowest in Russia, but he wants to completely eradicate this disease. Civil society activists of Chechnya has already declared that will be engaged in prevention of drug abuse on his behalf, according to the “Grozny-inform”.

“The Republic has not produced any drugs, pharmacies are not sold psychotropic drugs. But they are imported from outside of Chechnya and sell to teenagers and young people. We aim to block these channels, to save youth from the scourge. Our slogan – drug and terrorism – the equivalent of evil! Only in recent days, during the RAID events identified more than 700 young people consuming psychotropic pills and liquids. But this problem is not only our, regional. It is more topical for the whole country and adopts a threatening nature. Psychotropic substances everywhere in the free market. For the implementation and consumption of no responsibility. There is a need to prohibit free sale of psychotropic drugs, and for trade, transportation, storage and consumption to introduce criminal liability”, – wrote Kadyrov in Instagram.

Earlier the politician has already spoken on the question of addiction: “I’m not just talking about it and now emphasize that the drugs pose no less a threat to society than terrorism. If someone thinks this campaign, he is deeply mistaken. If we do not stop this evil, then all the achievements that have been achieved in recent years will be in vain,” – said Kadyrov.

Ramzan Kadyrov, 27 January 2015 meeting with members of the operational headquarters of the Republic said that drugs are now more dangerous than terrorism, and urged to block any attempt of entry and spread in Chechnya of banned drugs. He later met with a few hundred addicts, urged them to change for the better and stated that statistics show that the most easy prey for the terrorists in recruiting are precisely the young people who use various drugs. Such people were the majority of those who tried to go to Syria, Kadyrov said.

In 2010, the head of Chechnya statedthat the Russian attack on the most powerful States, because she is the main wealth – land. The West wants Russia to command, and it must be protected from encroachment. “Democracy is good,” Kadyrov said, but noted that “in parallel with democracy it is necessary to pursue a policy of spiritual and moral education and development” to “was democracy for Russia”, “so we don’t lose, do not become drug addicts, alcoholics and that our girls did not sell.

In 2006, Ramzan Kadyrov said that the Republic thrives drug and demanded from the security forces “to identify drug distributors and put them on trial.” He said that “drug abuse in Chechnya must end completely.” He made special emphasis on the observance of discipline among law enforcement officials.

All chiefs of the police Department and the commanders he is then instructed to restore order in their structures and to carry out explanatory work with their subordinates. He gave the security forces a week to report on the work done and the results.

Kadyrov demanded to conduct propaganda aimed at observance of norms of morals among the Chechen youth. He declared that the Chechen youth have completely forgotten about the beautiful customs and traditions of his people. “This is done by the enemies of our people, that we are stained by their history,” he said.

Kadyrov called on to equate drug addiction to terrorism 29.09.2016

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