The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, who has subjected to sharp criticism the proposal of the Ministry of Finance to cut the budget of the Republic for 2017, said that in Grozny, or is it odd the attempts to apply uniform standards to all regions. According to him, Federal agencies are not doing anything for the restoration and development of industrial potential and agricultural industry of the Republic.

“We are seriously concerned about the issue of formation of the budget of the Chechen Republic to 2017 and subsequent years. We are bewildered perceive the individual explanations that the possible reduction relate not only to the Czech Republic, and all the subjects of the Russian Federation. Strange are the attempts to apply to the CHR common to all regions of the standards,” – said the head of the Chechen Republic in interview to Agency “Interfax”.

Kadyrov also said that before the war Chechnya was one of the leaders in the development of science, industry and agriculture. “War has completely destroyed hundreds of oil and machine-building plants, factories, agricultural industry enterprises, thousands of hospitals, schools, kindergartens, hundreds of thousands of homes. Died, become disabled, orphans, hundreds of thousands of people, more than five thousand missing. Without compensation remained 10807 families, which were approved by the state Commission. Chechnya and its people are not to blame in this tragedy,” he added.

Kadyrov stressed that in those days in the Republic stopped the terrorists from 51 countries, while they came not through the local airport or railway station, and crossed the state border of the Russian Federation. The Chechen people proved to be a true patriot of Russia, not in words but in reality, said the head of the Republic, stressing that Chechens protect the legitimate interests of Russia in peacetime.

“But I have to say that for the restoration and development of industrial potential and agricultural industry of the Czech Republic Federal departments, nothing is done”, – said Kadyrov. He explained that the Federal target program “Restoration of economy and social sphere of the Chechen Republic”, in force since 2002, was socially directed and should not create jobs and tax base.

Most restored and built under the Federal target program of the enterprises is not running because it is not focused on production of competitive products, and does not provide financial current assets. “Until now, has not started implementation of investment projects included in the Strategy for socio-economic development of the NCFD until 2025. This is the Grozny oil refinery, the second phase of the rehabilitation and expansion of the airport “Northern” railroad “Grozny – Nazran” railway branch Argun – Chiri-Yurt,” said Kadyrov.

According to him, on the above-mentioned projects Ivan has repeatedly sent petitions to the President and the Prime Minister, but the problem has not been solved. “It requires a lot of maintenance costs of new social facilities, which were commissioned, but the support for the development of the tax base no. To achieve the appropriate level of the tax base we consider it appropriate to suspend the agreement between the Finance Ministry and the Chechen Republic on the gradual reduction of subsidies on support of measures to balance the budget of the Czech Republic,” said Kadyrov.

The head of Chechnya also noted that the programme of state guarantees of the Russian Federation in the Federal budget for 2010 had provided guarantees in the amount of 15 billion rubles for loans taken for investment projects in Chechnya. The regional government has confirmed the list of 25 projects worth 26.1 billion rubles.

“Their implementation has created more than 5 thousand new jobs. Of these, we selected 11 projects for a total amount of 9106,4 million. However, due to unresolved issues related to collateral, with 2010 data the state guarantees provided. There is also no progress in the matter of transfer of ownership of Chechnya, JSC “Chechenneftekhimprom”, although this would attract investment to increase oil production, processing facilities, jobs, and tax base”, – said Kadyrov.

On the eve of Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev all-taki to consider extending the funding of the North Caucasus. The decision of the head of state indicated that the report thereon should be submitted till 15 Oct 2017.

The day before Kadyrov criticized the Finance Ministry’s proposal to cut the budget of the Republic in 2017. According to him, this decision raises “many questions” and it may not suit the Chechen leadership.

“In previous years we have accepted all proposals of the Ministry of Finance. Despite the extremely difficult post-war situation, the Chechen budget was sequestered. We agreed with this. If and further will continue the practice of budget cuts, the Republic will not be able to develop, we will not be able to fulfill their social obligations”, – said Kadyrov.

Recall that since 2001 the Chechnya Moscow were spent hundreds of billions of rubles. Up to this time to count the cost of Republic is impossible, since 2000, Chechnya was outside of the budget system of Russia. A significant portion of funds allocated Grozny within the framework of special programs.

The transfer of the government of huge funds of the Caucasian republics has often caused serious criticism. Kadyrov strongly denied these statements, and the presence of the Republic of money, he explained by the will of Allah. Chechen leader also assured that in Grozny “there is not a single penny invested from the budget” – all allegedly built on borrowed funds philanthropists and investment. In 2014, Kadyrov said that he set a goal to do so in five years, the Republic began to make herself and became a donor.

Kadyrov called “strange” Moscow’s attempt to equate Chechnya to other regions 03.11.2016

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