The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov called the suburban MP after a hard-hitting comment in Instagram and heard his opinion on the Chechen authorities and what is happening there. About the incident, writes “Novaya Gazeta”, noting that usually posts and calls from the authorities of Chechnya – the first stage in the campaign, the results of which insulted Kadyrov forced to apologize. This time things were different.

Evening call from Kadyrov was awarded the Deputy municipal urban district Chernogolovka, journalist Boris Akmaev. This past Monday the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov in his Instagram congratulated the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov with the birth of a son, and Akmaev left under the post review: “What an abomination. Very sorry that you have to do it”. The comment was quickly deleted, and night Akmaev received a request to chat from Instagram user @Кадыров_95: “Write the room”.

Akmaev initially rejected the message and turned for advice to the journalist Oleg Kashin, who hooked the “Novaya Gazeta”. There Echmaeva advised tactics instant publicity, which helps to avoid non-public pressure. After this call has taken place.

The journalist comments in the “Novaya Gazeta” said that the post of Governor of the region he didn’t like that he makes personal likes to your public blog. “Public policies should take into account that in society the reputation of Ramzan Kadyrov and his entourage – ambiguous, otherwise it is likely to call his actions an appropriate response,” he said.

The same position he voiced in the dialogue with Ramzan Kadyrov, whom talked for over 20 minutes. After explaining, according to the journalist, Kadyrov said: “OK! Once you get that situation with fasting (Governor) of backlog, so any questions for me. Man talk, tell me what you want to say. What I do not suit a man like you?”. Akmaev said that “one of the governors of Russia is not afraid, and him afraid.” Kadyrov said that if he was not strong, could not lift the Republic out of the ruins.

“Overall I have to say that the conversation was interesting and unexpected. First, I did not expect that Ramzan Kadyrov to call me. Secondly, waited on him all you want. It turned out also that he is really interested in what people think of him different people and that he knows how to listen. In the end, wished each other Goodnight and said goodbye. To apologize is not asked for,” said Akmaev.

Kadyrov called the author a nasty comment in Instagram and heard his opinion on the Chechen authorities 15.10.2016

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