The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has stated its intention to apply to the Ministry of internal Affairs on the promotion for the police to liquidate the group of militants in the Gudermes district, which had planned a series of terrorist attacks.

“I suggested that the leadership of the interior Ministry to submit to the state and other distinguished awards in the course of carrying out this operation. They risk their lives to neutralize a particularly dangerous bandits and prevented the deaths of dozens of civilians who could become victims in the case of the implementation of their intentions. Law enforcement officers
has proved itself as heroes” – quoted Kadyrov “Interfax”.

According to him, the disposal of terrorists contributed to the fact that in the hands of law enforcement officers got information about the intention of the gang to enter the territory of Chechnya.

“We this information was taken very seriously. They harbored the intention to commit a high profile crime of a terrorist nature on election day and other holidays. However, a range of measures taken by law enforcement ruled out any probability
the appearance of the gang in the Chechen Republic”, – said the head of Chechnya.

Kadyrov said that among the killed militants gang leaders Demilhanov Ali, who was in Federal search.

“The results of the RAID indicate that our
law enforcement agencies with the broad support of the population able to provide complete security,” – concluded Kadyrov.

As previously reported TASS, a group of eight militants were killed in a shootout with security forces. Among the dead was the leader of a criminal gang. As a result of the conflict were also injured four police officers.

In fact the incident a criminal case under articles about infringement of life of law enforcement officers and illegal arms trafficking.

Kadyrov proposed to reward police who neutralized a gang of militants in Chechnya 10.10.2016

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