The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that he didn’t kill Russian soldiers during the first and second Chechen wars. According to him, he fought exclusively against terrorists and Wahhabis.

“I fought against those people, against the citizens of the five dozen countries, which somehow ended up in Chechnya, although in the past about it, never in my life may not be heard, he said in an interview
TASS. Their skeleton was made by professional staff of Western intelligence agencies. They killed my people.”

“Never, nowhere, nobody, neither jokingly nor seriously said that Russian soldiers were killed, – said Kadyrov. – Never said this! These words attributed to me, they deliberately run in the Network. Them circulate, knowing: this is a blatant lie. Yes, during the first campaign I with in arms was with his people. I was young then, and stupid, but always stayed close to the father.”

According to the current Chechen leader, in the early 1990-ies he “strongly supported” Dzhokhar Dudayev, but then “many people in Chechnya want independence, they believed the words of Dudayev, Udugov, Basayev, Maskhadov, did not know that they were sent by the enemies, who dreamed of the death of Russia and used our people as cannon fodder.”

“We don’t have it all figured out. At first I thought that we as warriors to protect his people. This was our ideology,” said Kadyrov.

According to him, his position changed after the summer of 1999 the then government of Ichkeria violated the Khasavyurt agreement (which signing on 31 August 1996 officially ended the first Chechen war. – Approx., Basayev invaded Dagestan, the second Chechen campaign, which was even more cruel.

“My father spoke out against Maskhadov with Basayev, said it was not a Jihad, and a betrayal of the laws of Islam. That was our fundamental disagreement. They sentenced the motivation for the death penalty. We began to fight with the Wahhabis and terrorists”, – said Kadyrov.

“I owe my life to Putin”

According to him, he is grateful to Russian President Vladimir Putin for the opportunity to fight terrorists in Chechnya after the death of his father – the first President of the Republic Akhmad Kadyrov. Thus, Ramzan Kadyrov once again expressed his total devotion to the Russian leader adding that does not deserve the title of “infantry of Putin”.

“I am loyal to the President. Endlessly. Like no other. Vladimir has security, special forces, but I betrayed him not in the service, and in person. I owe him my life… I owe him! Once called himself a marine Putin, to the phrase from a trailer, but I don’t even deserve the title of marine Putin,” – said Kadyrov.

“If Vladimir Vladimirovich will give the job any most difficult, it will be the ultimate reward for me, great happiness. Dream about it!”, – he stressed.

Earlier, Ramzan Kadyrov, has repeatedly demonstrated his personal loyalty to Putin. Among other things he saidthat Putin gave the Chechen people a “second life” and claimed that “Allah he (Putin) was appointed to this place,” that “Putin is a gift from God, he gave us freedom” that he is “a godsend for Russia.” In addition, Kadyrov expressed confidence that while Putin has the health of all the Russians “need to ask him, to kneel, that he rules by the state.”

Nemtsov himself “made himself an enemy of Russia”

Kadyrov also said in this interview that he had no personal enemies, only enemies of Russia and Chechnya: “Yes, I have been blood enemies… They are no more, all destroyed.”

When speaking about non-systemic opposition, he said that the slain politician Boris Nemtsov was not his personal enemy or friend.

“He made himself an enemy of Russia – my country, – said Kadyrov. But today’s Russia and needed a enemy: for Nemtsov no one stood, he was only blah-blah. Knowing that Nemtsov no use any more, his friends decided one gulp to remove two: shooting Nemtsov, to eliminate Kadyrov.”

The head of Chechnya expressed his willingness at any time to be on interrogation to the investigator in the case about the murder of Nemtsov, but first let him send the agenda.

Earlier, the lawyers of the eldest daughter of Jeanne Nemtsov has expressed opinion that the masterminds of the crime have to search among the Chechen leadership. Janna Nemtsov have asked the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation on the interrogation of Ramzan Kadyrov and another nine people, but investigators refused to do so.

American instructors in Chechnya will not be

In addition, Kadyrov has denied the information about the invitation of the American instructors at the international training centre of the special forces in Gudermes.

“I didn’t invite Americans to Chechnya. In an interview (“Interfax”. – Approx., which is now a reference that no, I did not say that,” he says.

Kadyrov stressed that the Chechen authorities under any circumstances will not attract employees of the American special forces to work at the center. “They have nothing to teach us, – said the head of Chechnya. – In addition, all official structures of the USA in Chechnya fall under the sanctions”.

Kadyrov said that he didn’t kill Russian soldiers in Chechnya 28.11.2016

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