The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has commented on critical statements of the President of the MMA Union Fedor Emelianenko about children’s fighting tournament in Grozny, in his opinion, the legend of fights without rules should “start with yourself”, and also the first to praise the tournament and congratulate Chechnya holidays, one of which was the anniversary of Kadyrov. “The Russian heroes do not do” – said the head of the region.

In his Instagram Kadyrov complained of the “strange statements” Emelianenko due tasks “to deal with matters of Patriotic and spiritual-moral upbringing of the younger generation, promotion of healthy lifestyle, high morals, spirituality.” He pointed to the success of the Chechen Republic in this area: the lack of street and the low level of crimes against minors.

“I was sympathetic to the responses and reactions of Fedor Emelianenko for a performance of the boys during the tournament Grand Prix Akhmat-2016, if he began by saying a kind word about the tournament and its significance. As a Russian hero and a patriot be congratulated Chechnya holidays, would have noted the fact of the first belt MMA, at least once he came to Chechnya and saw how we conduct tournaments and develop the sport. And his statements raise a number of issues,” – said Kadyrov.

“Never is such a comprehensive work on the protection of children’s rights, as in Chechnya. Why a demonstration duel, in the form of child’s play, seen as horror, not the fact that the war claimed the lives 13987 children, killed hundreds of thousands of people, five thousand people were missing, razed Grozny and all of Chechnya”, – asks the head of the region.

He also notes that Chechnya is supplying the country “the world’s best oil”, and received grants of “how many regions”.

We will remind, in children’s fights – according to Chechnya, indicative – was attended by the sons of Kadyrov. The head of Chechnya reported that his 10-year-old son and 14 seconds knocked out his opponent, and the other two in a bitter struggle won the victory in their weight categories. After the tournament Emelianenko in social networks strongly condemned fighting involving children, stating that children under 12 years are not permitted to speak in MMA.

In the Kremlin after the rising resonance was advised by the regulatory authorities to engage in a tournament where “live” the knocked out child.

Kadyrov scolded Emelianenko because he is not praised children’s fights before you make your claim 07.10.2016

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