The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov suggested that the security forces of the Republic to kill addicts without trial: “Shoot, no problem!” he said at the meeting in the presence of officials and clergy. The story was shown on the local news, but in later editions the phrase was cut out, informs “the New newspaper”. Actively fight addiction Kadyrov called for in your account in Instagram, but there are statements of the head of the Republic has softened.

The original plot of the TV channel “Grozny” was. Ramzan Kadyrov was going to a meeting, discussed the fight against high mortality on roads and “tablet” drug addiction drastically increased in the country after the ban on the sale of alcohol.

The head of Chechnya angered the statistics of traffic violations committed by drivers under the influence of drugs. Figures show that the number of violations is growing, despite the most drastic measures: for example, last year the breakers began to take away not only rights, but also cars. However, to this day a traffic accident in Chechnya fatalities occur almost every day, the number of drug addicts is also not falling (only two days police raids caught 700).

According to “New”, it was clear that Kadyrov is more and more action. And, in the end, security officials said literally the following: “Those who are in the Chechen Republic, disturbing the peace, shot to hell. Nothing matters – the law, not the law… Shoot! Understand? Assalamu alaikum and there is no problem! That is the law!”

In the next issue of news on the TV channel “Grozny” this passage was cut.

“Novaya Gazeta” asked to consider its publication an official request to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev. Also, the publication encourages you to evaluate the statements of Kadyrov from the point of view of the law of the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika and the head of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin.

Kadyrov traditionally takes a very tough stance against drug addiction, equating its danger to terrorism, and sometimes even indicating that it is more dangerous. “Drugs pose no less a threat to society than terrorism… If we don’t stop this evil, then all the achievements that have been achieved in recent years will be in vain”, – he said.

Kadyrov suggested that the killing of drug users without trial – “Shoot, no problem!” 01.10.2016

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