The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov told who will participate in the work created in Gudermes international training centre for special operations forces. According to the Chechen leader, for cooperation with the new organization can attract private American instructors. CIS countries are going to send to the center their strength training. The head of the Republic argues that the emerging structure is of great interest abroad.

Kadyrov said in an interview with Interfax on 23 November that at the initial stage of the work of the international centre for training special forces it is planned to attract up to 200 private American instructors. “It’s the world’s best experts”, – assured the head of Chechnya.

From private instructors from the United States has received about ten applications for work, Kadyrov said, referring to his assistant for the power block, the head of the created center Daniel Martynov. “These are people with the name. Let’s see,” – said the head of Chechnya. “We cannot deny the fact that in the US there are really cool guys with a wealth of experience in overt and covert operations in Latin America, Asia, Africa,” – said Kadyrov.

At the same time, the Chechen leader made disparaging comments about the current American special forces. “If we keep on the current US special forces, don’t really know what these guys can teach the Russian soldiers. Our team at the world Championships in Jordan ranked first, and the Americans were somewhere in the first twenty”, – said the head of Chechnya.

Apparently, Kadyrov was referring to the victory of Chechen forces in April 2015 for the seventh world Cup for the staff of special forces held in Jordan. The competition is held in Amman on site “Training center of the special operations forces of king Abdullah II” (KASOTC). In 2010 first place in competitions was occupied by the Americans.

Kadyrov stressed that “the official power structures of the States we have in Chechnya fall under the sanctions”.

CIS countries ready to send their special unit for training at the international center for training special forces, Kadyrov said, without mentioning specific countries. “Today we can’t talk about what countries have
finally reached agreements on the training of special forces. Individual countries wished not to advertise the special forces officers who become students of the center. But wish to send their employees to combat terrorism almost all the countries of the CIS”, – said the head of the Chechen Republic.

According to the Chechen leader, overseas training centre are showing great interest. “Expressed interest and had contacts with the head of centre of military and diplomatic representatives of Argentina, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Canada, Norway, Pakistan, Oman, South Africa, Tanzania, the Philippines and many others. With China, this work is more specific. Already had an exchange of delegations,” – said Kadyrov.

By 2018, in Gudermes, it is planned to complete the creation of the international training centre for special operations forces. The organization will have its own runway, the parachute complex 14 shooting galleries for practicing shooting skills, wind tunnel, ground for training mine-explosive case.

“This is a giant city, which has no analogues. It covers an area more than 400 hectares. at the same time is based around 40 learning objects,” he shared details Kadyrov. In his words, “of particular interest is a town where the riot will learn to identify potential terrorist threat, rescue the hostages and neutralize terrorists.”

The center is being created in Chechnya because the Republic’s experience in combating terrorism, according to Kadyrov, is unique in the world and this experience “interested in dozens of countries.” However, the Chechen leader claims that terrorism in his country is over. “In Chechnya there is peace and stability to encroach on that we will not allow anyone, be it even seven spans in a forehead. Currently, all work has a preventive character”, – said Kadyrov in an interview.

In February 2016, the TV channel “Russia 1″ in the story called “Terrorism under the gun” shown in the program “Special correspondent” reported that the generated near Gudermes center of training of elite special forces soldiers will be private. It is assumed that it will be able to train representatives of all power departments of the Russian Federation.

In the announcement of the film “Terrorism under the gun”, shown on February 7 in the program “Vesti of the week”, there is information about the “Chechen special forces” operating in Syria. In an interview for transmission is indirectly confirmed by Kadyrov, who said that he personally was sent to the middle East “his people” at the beginning of hostilities in Syria, when he received information about the creation of a regional special training camps for training militants professing Wahhabism. “In these camps were embedded intelligence agents from Chechnya”, – said the head of Chechnya.

Kadyrov’s statement caused a sensation. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov saidthat “the Ministry of defense of Russia has repeatedly explained, who is in Syria at what point and what it does”. Later in the press service of the head of Chechnya said that we are talking about volunteerswho went to Syria on their own initiative. The press-Secretary of Chechen leader Alvi Karimov said Kadyrov never said that the war in Syria, the employees of some Chechen special forces.

Kadyrov told about the involvement of private instructors from the United States to the work of the new training center for special forces in Chechnya 23.11.2016

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