President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, opened in Minsk with Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s first Cathedral mosque, drew the attention of all devout Muslims due to its atypical for a non-Muslim behavior.

When on behalf of the Belarusian mufti Abu-Bekir Shabanovich of the presidents of Turkey and Belarus gave the Koran, Erdogan, taking the sacred book, kissed it, and Lukashenko did the same thing.

This, however, from the point of view of non-Muslims is a testimony of respect to the Koran as kissing and apply to the forehead, a lot angered many devout Muslims. The fact that different Muslim countries, it is perceived differently: for example, Tatars have no tradition to secular people kissed the Koran, it is a privilege only spiritual people.

As informs radio “Freedom”, Alexander Lukashenko, although he considers himself President of all Belarusian Muslims, as stated at a press conference for the Russian media, had no right to kiss the Koran, as it is wrong – kafir.

In addition, the attachment of the Quran to the forehead means the recognition of the Muslim Holy book. Because the forehead Muslims bow only as an expression of obedience and devotion to Allah. However, for Lukashenka kiss and placed his forehead on the Koran, of course, does not mean that he became a Muslim. For this you need to say shahada thrice – repeated confession, that there is no God except Allah.

Himself Belarusian President, explaining his kiss on the Koran, said that this gesture meant that he was equally respectful to all religions, according to “Interfax-Religion”.

“I was told: criticize me for the fact that I kissed the Koran. We erdoğan attended the opening of this mosque. He gave the Koran – he kissed him. And I was given the same Quran – and what was I supposed to do? I repeated the gesture,” – explained Lukashenko, who calls Erdogan his “good friend and comrade”.

“I guess someone thinks I’ve “crossed”. No, I was not “re-baptized”… with regard to religion, the slogan is the same: each will find the way to his temple,” – concluded Lukashenko, noting that the law provides for equal rights for all religions.

Lukashenko: Belarus has no problems with Muslims

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on the eve of the press conference for the Russian media, convened on the eve of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, scheduled for Tuesday, 22 November, said that Belarus has no problems with Muslims.

“Live in the country many thousands of Muslims (Islam in the country is practiced by around 30,000 people. – Approx. And for them, I’m also the President. And they never had problems we did not create… we Have the perfect relationship, as with Catholics and Orthodox. I am the President of all” – said Lukashenko.

He noted that all peoples live in Belarus “as a people”, reports RIA “Novosti”.

Lukashenko said that he personally controls the issues of inter-religious peace in Belarus. “I very carefully and closely watching, as the rulers, officials and clergy belong to other faiths. I keep it under special control. The government should stress that all have equal rights. And we do so,” he said, adding that his country does not pay attention to the person’s nationality. “That was inter-ethnic peace, it is not necessary to emphasize that you are a Jew, a pole, Bashkir or Tatar… All people are the same,” – said Lukashenko.

Kafir Lukashenko, whoever kisses the Koran at the opening of a mosque in Minsk, said what I had to do it after a friend of Erdogan 18.11.2016

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