Football club Kaliningrad “Baltika” accused the newspaper “New Wheels” in racism and expressed her intention to sue for publication in the print room from September 21 titled “Revolt of the Negro against judges”.

In the last match Baltika vs Samara “wings of the Soviets” 23-year-old Ivorian striker Senin Ebai was deleted on 14-Oh to minute, having received two warnings within a minute. The referee showed him a yellow card for excessive emotions and disputes.

As notes a press-service of the club, “Baltic” was outraged by the fact that Ebai, publicly izmenivshiysya for his short temper after the game in Samara, called not by name, not by name, not by position, but using epithets emphasizing his racial origin.

“It’s a shame for the entire Kaliningrad region – the Western gate of Russia. This is unacceptable for a region spattered with the blood of Soviet soldiers who liberated Europe from Nazism. It defiles the memory of our grandfathers who fought for the lofty ideals of equality and freedom. Today publishers “NC” crossed the line. We are determined to eliminate all manifestations of discrimination… we Officially declare: on the publication will be filed litigation,” the statement reads.

Judging by the web page, the founder of the newspaper “New Wheels” is the Deputy of the Kaliningrad regional Duma journalist Igor Mines.

The club recalls that on the eve of the world Cup in Russia is to combat all forms of discrimination – on ethnic and racial origin, social status and religious beliefs and any other grounds.

“We urge all the healthy forces of the Kaliningrad region to unite against the hideous Chimera of fascism, to say “no” forgotten grin of racial intolerance. No to racism! No to fascism! No xenophobia!” – it is noted in the text.

Football club “Baltika” is the championship of Football national League (FNL), which today occupies the sixth place in the standings. Ebai plays for “Baltic” in this season.

Kaliningrad “Baltika” was accused of racism newspaper local MP 22.09.2017

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